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    All members of the West Java New Student Admission Team is Clean, West Java Provincial Government Created Integrity Pact


    BANDUNG CITY- All members of the West Java New Student Admission Team (PPDB) signed an integrity pact to realize an honest and clean system for implementing new students for the 2019/2020 school year.

    Chairperson of PPDB West Java Iwa Karniwa stressed that all elements involved in PPDB are required to sign this integrity pact. This integrity pact is legally binding starting from officers, operators, committees, principals, not even himself.

    "We want this to work well, so that all officials related to PPDB are carried out using an integrity pact. Including me, the principal, even the operator. So do not try to play around! ”He stressed in the West Java forum to have information (Japri) in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Wednesday (05/08/19).

    This integrity pact is important so that the PPDB apparatus keeps away from all forms of fraud in the interest of personal or other people. Iwa emphasized that PPDB officers who were proven fraudulent would be sanctioned in accordance with Government Regulation Number 53 concerning Staffing.

    "If it is known based on the results of the examination and others, then the sanctions are personnel sanctions according to the weight of the results of the examination later from the Inspectorate. So we will implement it hard, "said Iwa, who is also the Regional Secretary of West Java.

    In addition to avoiding fraud, continued Iwa, PPDB in West Java was held to fulfill the basic rights of citizens to obtain quality and equitable education.

    "For that we apply the principle of objective, accountable, transparent and without discrimination so as to encourage increased access to education services in accordance with the conditions in West Java," he explained.

    West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) held PPDB based on Governor Regulation Number 16 of 2019 concerning Guidelines for Admission of New High School Students, Vocational Schools, and SLB in West Java.

    The Governor of North Sumatra refers to the Minister of Education and Culture Number 51 Year 2018 concerning PPDB in Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Vocational School and Joint Minister of Education & Culture Circular with Minister of Home Affairs Number 1 Year 2019 and Number 420/2973 / Sj on Implementation of New Student Admissions, in the implementation of High School, Vocational and SLB New Student Admission (PPDB) in 2019.

    PPDB SMA in West Java follows the central rules of implementing a zoning system. Zoning is determined based on the district / city proposal through the agreement of the Principal Working Meeting (MKKS) established by the Governor of the Governor.

    Prospective students can choose one of three paths. First Zoning Line 90 percent, prioritizing the closest distance from the residence to the school with distance-based selection (75 percent). It includes a 20 percent economic incapable family (KETM) and a combination of distance and academic achievement with a quota of 15 percent.

    Second, Path of Achievement with a quota of 5 percent, can be through national exam (UN) or non-UN achievement. Third, Transfer Path.

    While PPDB SMK at the time of registration is accompanied by interest and talent tests as well as medical tests for certain fields / programs / competencies of expertise and does not use the zoning system.

    For further information, the public can access the official website of the West Java Provincial Education Office at http://disdik.jabarprov.go.id or through social media: Instagram @disdikjabar, Twitter @disdik_jabar, Facebook Fanpage: Disdik Jabar. (*)

    PPDB West Java Academic Year 201/2020:

    1. Determination of zoning, April 24, 2019,

    2. Dissemination 1 May - 16 June 2019,

    3. Registration 17 - 22 June 2019,

    4. Verification / Competency Test June 24-26 2019,

    5. Announcement of Selection Results June 29, 2019,

    6. Re-registration 1 - 2 July 2019,

    7. Beginning of Academic Year 2019/2020 on July 15, 2019

    8. Period of Introduction to School Environment (MPLS) July 16-18 2019.

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