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    Sharing Goodness and Happiness Through Blessings of Ramadan Breakfasting


    CIANJUR REGENCY- Chair of the West Java Province PKK Driving Team (TP) Atalia Praratya Kamil and her deputy Lina Marlina Ruzhan, officially opened the 1440 Hijri Blessing Breakfasting event at the Cianjur District Grand Mosque on Wednesday (05/08/19).

    The activities that will be held in 27 cities / regencies in West Java aim to spread the values of goodness and happiness to the duafa. After Cianjur, the Blessing of Ramadan Breakfasting will be held in Purwakarta, Sumedang, and Cirebon.

    "This program is implemented in 27 cities / regencies, but divided into four regions. God willing, after this there will be in Purwakarta, Sumedang and Cirebon," Atalia said.

    "We also held a gathering with the community, especially the poor, there was also a little compensation to 100 duafa and 100 children to make them happy," he continued.

    In addition to sharing happiness, Buka Berkah Ramadan also presents an adzan race, Tahfidz Quran (memorization 30 juz), and small dai, between districts / cities. The finalist will be performing at the Open Together on The Street (Bubos) on May 25, 2019.

    According to Atalia, a series of competitions were initiated to motivate children to be diligent in reciting and becoming an example for other children.

    "On May 25, there will be finalists who will appear at the Bubos event. Insha Allah, 10,000 people will be present at the Gedung Sate yard until along Dipenogoro Street. Later we will listen to our da'i together, recite from our children. , and the call to prayer is also from our children, "he said.

    Compensation for the duafa family

    BEFORE officially opening the Blessing of Ramadan, Atalia Praratya visited the family of Ibu Asiah who was classified as a duafa. During his visit, Atalia provided compensation in the form of money, Qur'an, prayer equipment, basic necessities, household utensils, and medicines.

    Atalia Praratya said that the selection of the duafa family was based on the recommendations of the regional apparatus. Because the local apparatus knows very well the condition of its citizens.

    "I also visited Ms. Asiah (duafa) 's house, we also provided compensation. What we did was only one place because of the conditions of time and so on," he said.

    "We have submitted it to the local city / regency because those who understand better, usually they have their own data. Because, there are also many that we have to be polite. Hopefully this can foster enthusiasm to share in this blessed Ramadan," he said.

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