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    Iwa: Public High Schools Only Receive 34% of Middle School Graduates


    BANDUNG - Chairperson of West Java New Student Registration (PPDB), Iwa Karniwa, asserted that the State High School (SMA) in West Java certainly cannot accept all junior high school (SMP) graduates.

    "The number of junior high school graduates in West Java is predicted to be 774 thousand, while those that can only be received in public high schools are only 34 percent," said Iwa, in the West Java program, Information (Japri), in Gedung Sate, Wednesday (08/05).

    According to Iwa, the number of Public High Schools in West Java is uneven, out of 626 sub-districts in West Java, only around 407 sub-districts have their state high schools or currently there are 500 public high schools.

    "Until now there are still a number of regions in the sub-district that are not available for secondary schools, now the number of state high schools reaches more than 500 because there is one sub-district that is high school with more than one, there are two, there are two, there are three," he said.

    Iwa appealed to the people of West Java not to force their children to enter public high school but could send their children to private schools which are now getting better quality.

    "At the moment some of the private sector are also good, we urge the public to be able to send their children to private high schools whose quality is currently quite good," he said. (Parno)

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