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    Governor: Need Program and Planning to Face Lebaran and Homecoming Flow


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil asked the Central Government to stop infrastructure projects on the Jakarta-Bekasi Toll Road during the homecoming and return of Eid 2019.

    "Earlier it was decided to terminate the project. There are 4 major projects along the Jakarta route to Bekasi, the H-7 to H + 7 will be stopped so that there are no activities," said the Governor, after holding the 2019 Lebaran transport coordination meeting in Gedung Sate, Tuesday (07 / 05).

    The governor also appealed to the public not to use motorized vehicles when going home later and if forced motorists had to maintain the physical and readiness of the vehicles to be used

    "The behavior of our travelers urges reducing motorists even if riding a motorbike is forced to a maximum of 100 km, so the potential for fatigue is extraordinary," he said.

    The governor also asked for a temporary rest area to be built in the lanes for the homecoming and returning to the Eid to provide facilities and places for travelers to rest.

    "Pa Minister The kind relationship of all weigh bridges will be stopped during the homecoming period and converted into a rest area that sells SME products, culinary culinary products of the village or local area," he said.

    According to the Governor, with such methods, the concept of Guyub Rukun and Selamat can be reflected in the size of the reduction in the smooth accidents of the process of going back and forth and the economy is beneficial to the regions passed.

    "We have also ordered that there be no spill market, compensating for the deletions who are jamming, reducing the number of people with roadblocks, making additional routes, essentially initiating Kadishub and Regional Heads but coordinating with ministries and the police," he said. (Parno)

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