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    Bapusipda Discuss the Sumedang Heritage Book


    BANDUNG- The Regional Library and Archival Agency (Bapusipda) of West Java  held a Focussed Group Discussion (FGD) regarding the publish of pioneer book “Sumedang Heritage” in the hall of fourth floor of Bapusipda building, Kawaluyaan Street, Bandung, Tuesday (29/3).

    According to the chairman of the event, Dr. Hj. Oom Nurrohmah, this FGD was attended by 150 participants which consist of the historians, writers, humanists, librarian, and others invitee.

    FGD was opened by the Head of West Java Bapusipda Dr. Hj. Nenny Kencanawati. This event also invited several figures as the speakers of the event which were Hikmat Ishak (the writers of “Sumedang Heritage”), Edah Jubaedah (the Sumedang Humanist) and Dr. Leli Yulifar (Historian from Indonesia University of Education).

    The Head of West Java Bapusipda, Dr. Hj. Nenny Kencanawati said that her parties in the West Java government already receive the trust from the Sumedang Regency government to facilitate the historical journey of Sumedang that will be presented in the form of book.

    “Hopefully, the book “Sumedang Heritage” that we present can result in something valuable. This book is expected to give the value that has the external dimension and present the content that can be a part of historical journey in West Java, especially in Sumedang regency,” said her.

    The writer of the book “Sumedang Heritage”, Hikmat Ishak in the FGD explained that the book “Sumedang Heritage” is not a historical book like many reviews have said. There are no new facts regarding the history of Sumedang because that matter is outside the program of this book’s writing.

    “This book is the photo essay or photo book. This book is called coffee table book or visual book by the foreign publisher,” said him.

    The book “Sumedang Heritage”, according to Hikmat, is one of 30 serial books about the nature and cultural heritage of West Java area and also other regions in Indonesia.

    According to Edah Jubaedah, even though the book “Sumedang Heritage” is not a historical book, it still gives the important meaning to the literary treasure about the culture of Sumedang.

    Dr. Leli Yulifar evaluated that the book “Sumedang Heritage” as the work that tries to reconstruct the collective memory of the citizen in Sumedang regency today.

    “From the perspective of historical subject, the book “Sumedang Heritage” still need several corrections which includes the temporal aspect, the systematic of the discussion and also the relation between every events,” said her.

    FGD was attended by the Head of Pangeran Sumedang Foundation, Ir. Rd. H. Koenrad Soeriapoetra and the Head of Art, Culture and Film Division of the Sumedang regency government, Enjang Koswara. 

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