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    The Number of Unemployment in West Java Continues to decline


    BANDUNG - West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said that the number of workforce in February 2019 was 23.83 million people, up 1.06 million compared to February 2018.

    "In line with the increase in the number of the workforce, the Labor Force Participation Rate (TPAK) also increased by 1.88 percentage points," said Head of West Java BPS Dody Herlando, Monday (6/5).

    In the past year, unemployment was reduced by 15.67 thousand people, in line with TPT which fell to 7.73 percent in February 2019. Judging from the level of education, TPT for Vocational High Schools (SMK) is still the highest among other levels of education, namely
    amounting to 12.22 percent.

    The working population is 21.99 million people, an increase of 1.08 million people from February 2018. Employment that has increased in the number of people working mainly on the Provision of Accommodation and Food Drinking as much as 0.43 million people, Construction as much as 0.28 million people , Other services are 0.28 million people; Trade of 0.29 million people and Agriculture as many as 0.04 million people. While employment has decreased mainly in the Processing Industry by 0.20 million people; and Information and Communication as many as 0.08 million people.

    11.23 million people (51.09 percent) work with informal employment status. During the past year (February 2018-February 2019), informal workers rose by 0.60 million people (0.22 percentage points). The highest percentage in February 2019 is full employment (working hours of at least 35 hours per week) of 76.96 percent.

    Meanwhile, non-full workers were divided into two, namely part-time workers (16.65 percent) and half unemployed workers (6.39 percent). Jo

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