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    Safari Ramadan, Marbot, Santri, Orphans Get Benefits


    BANDUNG - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum Safari Ramadan in the city of Bandung by visiting the Al-Ukhuwwah Mosque, on Wastukancana Street, Tuesday (7/5/19).

    In Safari Ramadan this time, the West Java Provincial Government distributed West Java Province's Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) to 10 people, a total of IDR 2.5 million, to 10 santri salafiyah totaling IDR 5 million and 50 orphans total amount of IDR 12.5 million.

    Also present was the Deputy Mayor of Bandung Yana Mulyana, Head of the Social Services and Development Bureau of West Java Province, Asda Kesra, Bandung City, as well as other devices from West Java Provincial Government and Bandung City Government.

    "Safari Ramadan is a tradition of the Regional Government of West Java Province every year," said Deputy Governor Uu.

    The essence of this activity, said Uu, is friendship between government elements and the community. So that good communication is established between the two parties.

    "Between the leadership and the community there must be a common thread, bond, so that there is an emotional connection, which creates unity and unity," Uu said.

    "So the government program can reach the whole community, on the contrary, the people's aspirations can also reach the government," he continued.

    Uu also said, the mission of West Java Inner Born Champion is the hope of creating a competitive society, while also having a humanitarian social piety.

    According to him, in addition to building physical or infrastructure, West Java Provincial Government also prioritizes the development of human resources from its inner side.

    "That's our hope, the world is great, hereafter is great," he said.

    Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Bandung Yana Mulyana welcomed the Ramadan Safari held by the West Java Provincial Government in Bandung. Yana hopes that the synergy between West Java Regional Government and Bandung City Government will be more harmonious and run well.

    "Especially in realizing development programs," Yana said.

    Chairperson of the West Java Provincial Baznas Arif Ramdani, said for Ramadan 1440 H, besides the Ramadan Safari compensation was also channeled to the West Java Governor's Tarweh (Tarling) activity. The target of distribution of funds is around Rp900 million.

    "For a full month, we are for orphans, santri, marbot mosques, then also in the traveling Taraweh program also distributed to mosque DKM, poor people, also teachers of the Koran," he said. (*)

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