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    Leadership Education and Training of Health Ministry, Secretary Introduced One Nurse One Village Program


    CIANJUR REGENCY- West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa introduced the One Nurse One Village program to 2019 Diklatpim IV participants in the Indonesian Ministry of Health in the Candradimuka Building, Ciloto Health Training Center (BBPK), Tuesday (7/5/19).

    According to Iwa, the One Village One Nurse program aims to educate the public to get a clean and healthy lifestyle. The idea was based on input from the village community who hoped that there would be village mantras who guaranteed the quality of health through promotive and preventive efforts.

    "In West Java in the future there will be one nurse in each village," he said.

    This village nurse, Iwa continued, will go directly to the mobile every day to carry out various health campaigns to the community. "He has the task at the village head's office. Every day he schedules to which areas to socialize as well as can do first aid," he explained.

    Iwa explained, the world of health is divided into three dimensions, namely curative, promotive, and preventive. "Now what we encourage is promotive and preventive, which almost 70 percent contribute to the health index," he said.

    "That's about a structured and systemic step that we will do in the future," he added.

    The role of nurses in this village, said Iwa, is important to improve community health status. If the community is healthy, the great potential of education will be a priority. If health and education are good, human resources will also be good.

    Iwa continued, this good HR would increase the competitiveness of an area. "The health aspect is very important, for how to ensure sustainable economic growth. This is the background of why I always emphasize that health education is the main pillar," he stressed.

    Iwa is optimistic that the increase in human resources through the Satu Desa Satu Perawat program will lead Indonesia to become the top five country by 2045 as much research is predicted. At present, Indonesia is ranked 17th as the largest country in the world.

    "One indicator is that spartan economic growth is above 5 percent. "This is supported by regional infrastructure and competitiveness," concluded Iwa. (*)

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