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    Sanctions For Breaking Railroad Doors


    BANDUNG - Public Relations Manager of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Regional Operations 2 Bandung, Noxy Citrea Bridara expressed concern over the behavior of a number of people who are still breaking through railroad crossings. According to him, this is very dangerous and can lead to serious accidents and even death. Noxy revealed that every community who breaks through railroad crossings has violated traffic laws and can be sanctioned.

    Noxy asserted that based on Law No.22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation in article 114 it was stated that the driver of the vehicle must stop when the signal has been sounded, and the train's doorstop has been closed. In addition, based on the article, the driver of the vehicle must prioritize the train and give the main right to the first vehicle that crosses the railroad. If the public violates it, it will be subject to sanctions under article 296 with a maximum of 3 (three) months imprisonment or a maximum fine of Rp. 750,000 (seven hundred fifty thousand rupiah).

    According to Noxy, there are three things that can be a solution to prevent a breakthrough at a train crossing. The first solution is a legal solution to provide a deterrent effect to people who violate. According to him, if indeed the sanctions are clear in the law, the offenders can be dealt with as actions to traffic violators. "Yes, they could have been ticketed, the sanctions were clear in the traffic laws and road transport. This is necessary to provide a deterrent effect to the offenders at the train crossing, "he said. The second solution is infrastructure solutions according to article 91 and 94 of Law 23 of 2007 concerning Railways, namely by making the intersection of the railway lines not to be as large as for example by making flyovers or underpasses. Or for quick steps, the government or local government can immediately close the level crossings without permission.

    The third solution is a cultural solution where people must play an active role in reminding each other not to violate railroad crossings. But according to Noxy, this third solution will be more effective if it is supported by legal solutions so as to be able to change the culture of society in traffic at a level crossing.

    Noxy appealed to all road users to obey traffic signs when they would pass a level crossing. Road users must remain vigilant and introspective, look left and right when going past and make sure not to break through for any reason. (Even)

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