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    Reactivation of the Cibatu Railway Garut is Ensured This Year


    BANDUNG - The plan to reactivate the railway line continues to roll. Especially for its development, Cibatu-Garut Line is targeted to be completed this year because all land acquisition has also been completed.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said with the completion of Cibatu Garut, the second priority was the reactivation of the Rancaekek - Jatinangor-Tanjungsari route.

    "The most challenging is the Bandung - Ciwidey route. If you look at the results of the survey there are indeed factories, there are houses, there are various types that take existing lines. So that there is an elevated plan being discussed," he said.

    Meanwhile West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa added that the Rancaekek - Jatinangor - Tanjungsari route would be a priority after Garut finished. The reason is the increasing economic and educational activities in the region.

    "The community needs a smooth time and mode certainty, the education area has developed rapidly," he said.

    In addition, if the route succeeds in reactivation, it will increase public confidence in using Kertajati airport.

    "This could be the point towards BIJB via trains, in addition to the Cipali and Cisumdawu toll roads," he said. jo

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