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    First Tarling, Governor: Improve the Quality of Humanity


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil prayed in congregation at Pusdai Mosque, Bandung, Sunday (5/5/19). In this first traveling Taraweh in the month of Ramadan, the Governor was accompanied by the Regional Secretary of Iwa Karniwa and an element of the West Java Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda).

    Traveling Tarawih with Regional Leader Communication Forum (Forkopimda) is an effort by the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java to glorify the month of Ramadan by means of syiar, friendship and sharing.

    "Alhamdulillah Allah SWT gives us a blessing of age, until we meet Ramadan, and perform Shaum worship starting on Monday," said the Governor.

    Emil is the nickname of the Governor, inviting West Java residents to take advantage of Ramadan together as a means to improve self-quality, humanity, and the quality of faith. Ramadan will train patience, self-control from the passions that damage morals, and try to find Allah's heart.

    The Governor invited West Java residents to do things that bring the pleasure of Allah SWT, such as worshiping with sincerity. Then plead with Him heaven and take refuge from the torment of hellfire.

    "Ramadan must improve the quality of our humanity and faith. Therefore this missed month must be filled with special things. The worship must be more, self-control must be stronger, patience must be broader," Emil said.

    "If that is done, then we will be better individuals. Because the temptation is very much, therefore if we often worship, God willing, we will be awake," Emil added.

    West Java Spirit Inner Born Champion, continued Emil, became an effort to develop the inner community in addition to physical or infrastructure development. Because the robustness of the spiritual body must be balanced.

    In the West Java Born Birth Champion mission, the Governor also invited all West Java residents to succeed in several publicity programs such as Subuh Berjamaah, Magrib Mengaji, English for Ulama, Sadesha, Digital Zakat, Digital Da'wah, MTQ Champion, One Islamic Boarding School, and other programs.

    Emil hopes that the program will bring Jabar residents balanced between knowledge, faith, morals and health. So that the goal of realizing West Javanese Born and Inner Champion with innovation and collaboration will be achieved.

    "Hopefully we are happy. The hardest is consistency or istiqomah," he hoped.

    In the implementation of this year's Ramadan Tarling or Safari, compensation will also be distributed through the DKM of the organizing mosque to be given to the poor, needy or needy people around the mosque. Compensation for Bandung area mosques totaling Rp25 million and other districts / cities totaling Rp50 million.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM) Choirul Anam said fasting is a process of self-training. So according to him, Ramadan is the month of education.

    "For this month we are trained in honesty, patience and caring for others," said Anam.

    From fasting that will truly arise social piety. By quoting the Qur'anic verse (Surah Al Baqarah: 183) ‘La'allakum Tattaquun,’ is understood by the commentators as the essence of fasting. That is fasting which Allah SWT commands, with the aim of the perpetrators of fasting can increase their minds.

    "Honest, patient, caring for others. Fasting increases the degree, glory, in the sight of Allah SWT. And may our worship be accepted by Allah SWT," hope Anam. (*)

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