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    First Day of Fasting, Provincial Government ‘Ngabret’ Designing Lebaran Mudik


    BANDUNG CITY- Entering the first day of fasting, the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java immediately 'took a break' by designing preparations for Lebaran 2019.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil discussed this at the Leadership Meeting at the Papandayan Meeting Room, Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Monday (05/6/19). The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Governor of the Law Ruzhanul Ulum and Iwa Karniwa Regional Secretary, as well as the heads of regional apparatus.

    "Earlier preparations were made for going home, even though it was only the first day of fasting, but the preparations for going home were discussed," said the Governor.

    Discussed in the usual recurrence of problems going back and forth, such as traffic jams, traffic accidents, spilled markets, and other risks that can disrupt homecoming activities.

    Participated in various zones of the West Java region with the characteristics of congestion. One of the zones to be watched this year is the Bekasi zone, especially the Jakarta - Cikampek Toll Road section. Currently in Cikampek Toll Road there are three large-scale construction activities, namely the Jakarta - Bandung Rapid Railroad project, Light Rail Transit (LRT), and Elevated Toll Roads.

    These three projects are considered to be able to inhibit the flow of homecoming by becoming the source of congestion. "So tomorrow the Minister of Transportation is likely to go to Bandung to close back and forth," added Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname.

    Regarding routine problems, Emil instructed regional authorities, especially the Transportation Agency, to find effective solutions so that the problem did not happen again. Emil gave an example, the payment of tolls using the e-Tol card did not completely eliminate the queue at the counters and congestion around the gate. This is what must be anticipated by the West Java Provincial Government.

    The Governor also highlighted the vulnerability of accidents on the Cipali Toll Road. Emil noted that there were many accidents on the toll road because of the type of road that continued straight with a bumpy road surface.

    "So if people are sleepy, or are over, and so on, they are vulnerable. Then we will anticipate. Also regarding the rest area that is not sufficient, we will arrange it later," he said.

    As is often done, West Java Provincial Government will also coordinate with a number of private companies through CSR funds to hold free homecoming programs. The consideration of several cities in West Java to become destinations for rantau, will automatically be many migrants who need to be helped to return home.

    Emil analyze the homecoming activities in West Java this year will be more smoothly. This is because the Trans - North Java Toll Road is fully operational. So that it is estimated that vehicles will be more distributed and flows more smoothly.

    "What is our concern is in the eastern Priangan region. Starting from the Nagreg line, Bandung Regency, to the Gentong Line, and some subscription points jammed, we will pay attention," he said.

    For the long term, the Governor is also determined to accelerate the Tegalluar - Bandung Station LRT project, which is the mode of connecting the Jakarta - Bandung Fast Railways.

    The latest report received by the Governor, in June 2021 the project is expected to be completed. After the first phase of Tegalluar-Bandung Station is completed, it will be followed by eight LRT Bandung Raya tracks.

    "What is certain is that we will permit the Minister later, later we will move the Cimekar station to a little near the Al-Jabbar Gedebage Mosque. So people will be able to go to the mosque, get out on the train to the mosque," Emil said.

    Then, to reactivate the railway line, the development of the Cibatu-Garut Line will be completed this year. So it's just Jatinangor, Banjar - Pangandaran.

    "And the most challenging is the Bandung - Ciwidey route. If you look at the results of the survey there are indeed factories, there are houses, there are various types that take existing lines. So there is an elevated plan being discussed," he said. (*)

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