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    Regional Secretary: Ulama Support Economic Growth


    BANDUNG - Various countries in the world are currently competing to be the foremost in various sectors of life and within the next 25 years there will be a shift in terms of strength and progress.

    And in 2045 to coincide with a century of independent Indonesia, it is predicted to reach its peak and become the 5 biggest countries in the world after the United States, China, India and Japan.

    However, according to the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa, there are three conditions that must be met so that Indonesia becomes a developed and strong country by 2045, including economic growth must be 5 percent stable, stability must be maintained and the young generation must be competitive and able to control " hardskill "and" soft skill ".

    "5% economic growth is able to reduce poverty, unemployment, both parties must maintain harmony, keep conducive not fighting each other despite different choices, but do not taunt each other the three younger generations add knowledge, expertise, language skills, digital understanding and innovation, "he explained.

    Iwa stated, to realize this the need for the role of ulama was one of them in maintaining conduciveness, especially in the development process which is currently continuing and creating generations that have a strengthening of religion and faith.

    "In Shaa Allah Jabar, a conducive atmosphere can be maintained with the role of the ulama, the use of the internet must be productive in strengthening religion, faith," said Iwa, at the inauguration of the Al-Washliyah Regional Executive Board of West Java Province, Saturday (04/05).

    Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the West Washliyah Region of West Java, Ahmad Aidin Tamim, stated that his party was ready to support and assist government programs, especially in maintaining ukhuwah and a conducive situation in West Java.

    "Surely for PW West Java to work together in establishing a fellow brotherhood, in West Java, at present the cracks occur everywhere in the city / regency, so we actively participate in maintaining the atmosphere of the conditions and the friendship of the way all groups have hospitality with all components," he said.

    Ahmad acknowledged that, many Al-Washliyah pilgrims were of different parties, different choices and support, but this condition did not make them split between them and still keep the ukhuwah Islamiah.

    "So far, there are different parties and different support, but there is no problem, this culture can hope that in the midst of society there will be something like this," he hoped. (Parno)

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