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    West Java Farmer Exchange Rate in April Decreases 0.20 Percent


    BANDUNG - West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said that in April 2019 the Farmer Exchange Rate or West Java NTP fell by 0.20 percent compared to March 2018, from 109.91 to 109.69.

    "The received index (IT) fell by 0.11 percent and the paid index (IB) rose by 0.31 percent," said Head of BPS West Java Doddy Herlando.

    Of the five subsectors of agricultural NTP there are 3 (three) subsectors which have increased. If sorted from the largest increase: Horticulture Subsector has increased by 1.52 percent, Fisheries Subsector which has increased by 1.32 percent, and Livestock Subsector with an increase of 0.06 percent.

    Meanwhile, the Community Plantation Crop Subsector experienced the largest decline to reach 2.03 percent, and the Food Crop Subsector decreased by 0.88 percent.

    BPS also informed that in the Rural area there was inflation of 0.41 percent. All expenditure groups experience inflation. The Foodstuffs group experienced the highest inflation, at 0.79 percent.

    The clothing group inflation was 0.37 percent. The group of processed foods, beverages, cigarettes and tobacco inflation was 0.23 percent. Health group inflation of 0.09 percent. The Housing Group inflation was 0.07 percent. The Education, Recreation, and Sports Group inflation was 0.04 percent. And the Smallest Transportation and Inflation Communication Group, which is 0.02 percent. Jo

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