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    Governor: Education is Conducted in relay


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government gives appreciation to all participants from cities and regencies in West Java who have participated in the West Java Province Tilawatil Qur'an Selection, which took place from April 28 to May 3, 2019 at Pusdai Diponegoro Street No. 63 Bandug, Masjid AI-Mutaqin Gedung Sate and Mesjid Agung Kota Bandung.

    "On behalf of the West Java Provincial Government, I congratulate the champions," said the Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, in his remarks at the closing ceremony of STQ XVI, in Pusdai, Friday (04/05) night.

    According to the Governor, education in understanding the Qur'an and Hadith must be carried out on a relay basis from the start of the children in the most noble ways to realize a civilized society according to West Java's vision of the realization of West Java Inner Birth Champion with Innovation and Collaboration.

    "These community activities have been and are examples of other communities. And life competes every day to find a better life and we will succeed if our descendants are better than their parents," he said.

    The governor said, if our children are better, more prosperous, healthier than their parents, of course this is better and more successful, as well as in memorizing the Qur'an and hadith, meaning we are in the fortunate group.

    "Hopefully, West Java will be blessed by Allah SWT tomorrow better and there are 2 values that are owned by the Indonesian people, namely the most optimistic, always kind-hearted generosity index and Indonesia's most benevolent country, this is a survey conducted on 200 countries, this is world class value .

    The Governor also asked us and the district that did not get any value at all in this STQ XVI to continue to improve their abilities and guidance to the participants they sent.
    "Congratulations to the City and District, for regions that have no value at all to be written so that there is no value at all. Coaching becomes important, because coaching will give birth to a system," he concluded. (Parno)

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