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    The Governor Strengthens Tens of Thousands Warriors to Succeed the West Java Program


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil confirmed thousands of cadres, village activists and family planning instructors as Laskar Juara Majukan Desa (Laju Desa) to succeed in various West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) programs.

    Inauguration was carried out at the KB Ngariung (Prung) Extension program in Arcamanik Sports Facility (Arcamanik Street), Bandung City, Saturday (4/5/19).

    There were around 3,500 field staff from the Population, Family Planning and Family Development Program (KKBPK), 2,000 village / urban village driving teams (TPD / TPK), as well as cadre representatives from the KB Post Forum in 27 districts / cities with 65,000 in number.

    Emil, the familiar nickname of Ridwan Kamil, targeted Laju Desa to complete two homeworks that were considered urgent in the village. First, social inequality between villages and cities. Secondly, efforts to prevent stunting or failure to develop growth or fall.

    "The pace of the village is a new spirit, because we have to move forward, we should not back down," he said.

    To that end, the Governor encouraged Laju Desa to succeed in the West Java vision and Inner Birth mission, which included reducing social inequality in the village which was accelerated through various village-based community programs.

    According to him, the pre-eminent Pemdaprov West Java program such as One Village One Company (OVOC), One Pesantren One Product (OPOP), Village Patriot, Mesra Credit, Village Siaga Car, Mobile Health Center, Bumdesa, Digital Village, Sadesha, Layad Rawat, and much more.

    "So we have cadres, village activists, there are family planning counselors. We rely on thousands of counselors in socializing government programs. This is if it runs smoothly, West Java will jump," Emil said.

    According to him, in West Java alone there are 5,312 villages and 645 villages. As of April 2019, the Central Bureau of Statistics noted, 77.09 percent of the status of his village was developing; 22.48 percent are independent, and 0.43 percent of village status is left behind.

    So, he said, family planning programs accompanied by the concept of development will produce better human resources, be competitive and live well. "The role of Laju Desa is strategic because it is in direct contact with the community. So they are very reliable, "he said.

    The first and urgent task Emil emphasized to Laju Desa was to prevent stunting. The campaign was vigorously campaigned in the villages by increasing people's knowledge about nutrition and sanitation. "This is for the realization of West Java Zero Stunting," said Emil.

    Nutrition and healthy sanitation are also influenced by the success of family planning programs in the villages. With an ideal family number, parents can relatively manage nutrition and sanitation.

    For this reason, Emil appreciated the number of active KB participants who exceeded expectations. Based on West Java BKKBN data, throughout 2018 the number of active KB participants reached 7,486,443 participants from the target of 6,245,099 participants, meaning there was a surplus of 1,241,344 participants.

    "These results are the result of hard work, especially the spearheads in the field, namely the family planning instructors and the village driving team. I convey my appreciation to all officers," he said.

    In the same place, West Java BKKBN Chief Representative Sukaryo Teguh Santoso said the Prung event was an annual agenda aimed at strengthening the relationship between family planning counselors.

    "These cadres are true volunteers. PLTs, lillahi ta'ala officers with honorariums, patient patience and trust," Teguh said.

    So, continued Teguh, to increase commitment and performance, then in this year's Prung program at the forum the KB instructors signed a cooperation agreement between the KB Extension and the district / city KB OPD.

    As mandated by the Governor, the extension agents will also support the socialization of the West Java Born Champion programs.

    "2019 is the year of accelerating the achievement of the KKBPK Program performance," he said.

    In the same place, the Deputy of Family Planning and Reproductive Health of the BKKBN Center Dwi Listyawardani assessed that the Laju Desa which had just been confirmed by the Governor of West Java was a new breakthrough in development.

    Dwi advised that Laju Desa in carrying out its duties can still instill the values ??of family resilience, prevent drug abuse, and young marriage.

    With this series of tasks carried out, Dwi reminded that the capacity and quality of extension agents should be strengthened, before attempting to improve the quality of life of the community.

    "Please support the Governor, to give encouragement so that the intended target is quickly achieved," he hoped. (*)

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