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    Ahead of Ramadan, Governor Reminds People Not Consumptive


    BANDUNG CITY- Three days before the month of Ramadan, the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil reminded the public not to be consumptive which would lead to an increase in inflation in West Java. Buy goods according to needs, not wants.

    "Appeals to the public do not need to consume excessively, just enough so that the economy is well maintained," Ridwan Kamil said while visiting the clerics at the Bank Indonesia office of the West Java Representative, Braga Street, Bandung, Friday (05/03/19).

    According to Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, if the community is consumptive and especially tends to panic buying, then certainly the prices of basic necessities will rise uncontrollably. The impact of the lower middle class community will be difficult because they cannot afford it.

    "If all the prices are expensive, the lower middle class will find it difficult to buy their basic needs, because some people are too consumptive," he explained.

    The West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) continues to try to reduce the inflation rate, one of which is to improve road infrastructure. The aim is to accelerate and shorten the distribution flow of basic necessities so that the costs are cheap and the price of goods does not rise.

    "I have delivered the economy in West Java again well because it is supported by infrastructure that can reduce inflation," said the Governor.

    Regarding his meeting with hundreds of representatives of scholars from 27 cities in the city, Emil was told that the scholars would convey to the community through his preaching not to be consumptive.

    "Hopefully returning home from here the ulama conveyed messages so that they were not consumptive so that inflation in West Java will be controlled," he ordered.

    The same thing was expressed by KH Abdulah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym. According to him, inflation occurs because people buy their needs excessively. On the other hand the production of goods has not increased so that there is a scarcity of goods.

    "Let's not be consumptive, refrain, sorry for the small people so they cannot buy because of our consumptive nature. It is our duty as scholars to direct the people," he said.

    According to Aa Gym, this year's Ramadan success is on self-control and providing benefits to others. "Hopefully it is friendly and this is more beneficial for others," he said.

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