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    Making West Java Red Ginger Barn, PKK Hold Herbal Garden Competition


    Bandung Raya area and its surroundings. But now, 26 districts / cities and several pesantren in West Java will be included in this program.

    According to him, TP PKK West Java continued to develop the cultivation of medicinal plants by inviting the public to use the vacant land of the house.

    "By mobilizing residents to use the yard, mothers can also be more creative in their daily lives. They work hand in hand and work together to build locations and plant seeds of family medicine (toga)," he said.

    Atalia hopes that this competition can have a positive impact on the community in terms of preserving herbal plants. Besides that, it can also continue to push for government programs such as One Village One Product, One Village One Company, and One Islamic Boarding School One Product.

    Head of Marketing and PR Bintang Toedjoe Sumarwoto explained the mechanism of this competition. According to him, after the participants were given red ginger seeds and training for free, they would be given assistance for 10 months in order to produce good and high quality red ginger.

    "This is not just CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) but CSV (Corporate Social Value). The CSR is only once given and then completed. If we are sustainable, then God willing, in the future the santri boarding schools will become Bintang Toedjoe-trained farmers," Sumarwoto said.

    "Currently Bintang Toedjoe has prepared ten hectares of land that is ready to be planted with red ginger. We want to present a red ginger barn. Later it is hoped that we can export red ginger to other countries," he added.

    Sumarwoto added, not many know the origin of the Bintang Toedjoe company actually began in Garut Regency before then strolled to the national stage. He did not deny the possibility that in the near future he would make a factory in West Java.

    "In early 2020 we will set up a factory in West Java and will build a herbal garden in the Cikarang area which will later become the largest herbal garden in Indonesia," he explained. (*)

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