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    Chairperson of the MUI: Use Assets Measurably


    BANDUNG - Chairperson of the West Java Ulema Council (MUI) of the Province of West Java, Rachmat Syafei appealed to all Islamic ummah communities to be able to maintain and use their assets in a measurable manner.

    "So to appeal to the first community regarding Ramadan in using the property and spending it must be measured not to become preachers," he said.

    According to Rachmat, all Muslim communities, especially in West Java, carry out the obligation to fast in the month of Ramadan because the substance that is high in fasting is being able to refrain from the bad.

    "In carrying out this piety, preventing restraint, because fasting refrains from everything that is forbidden by religion, everything that has a bad influence on themselves and their environment," said Rachmat, in a gathering with the Ulama in the Pasundan Hall, KPw BI, West Java Province , Friday (03/05).

    Rachmat stated, taqwa is to carry out religious orders to avoid things that are forbidden, the key is that we improve, implement from the values ??of taqwa itself, make optimistic attitudes.

    "Carrying out the teachings of religion is surely God gives a reward and a thing that gives a positive value, that is assured. We must dare to step by doing what we know is the challenge of teaching itself," he said. (Parno)

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