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    Governor Urges people to Consume Enough


    BANDUNG - The increase in prices of Community Basic Needs (Kepokmas) before and during Ramadan, as in previous years usually increases.

    In anticipation of an increase in Kapokmas ahead of and greeting Ramadan, the West Java Provincial Government together with the Bank Indonesia Representative Office of West Java Province and the scholars conducted a gathering at the West Java KPw.

    The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, invited all elements of the community to take care of inflation so that prices will go up and uncontrolled during Ramadan until Eid.

    "We are coordinating with BI West Java, we want to keep inflation not until before Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr prices rise uncontrollably, the advice from Abdullah Gymnastiar (AA Gym) is that traders are encouraged not to raise prices if they can charity by reducing or minimally not raising , "He said.

    According to the Governor, this moment of Ramadan can be used by all elements of society, both the community as consumers and traders to do good deeds.

    "This is a moment of opportunity for charity, because if all the expensive price is middle and lower, it is difficult to buy the needs that should be," said the Governor, after friendship with the Ulama at the Pasundan Hall, KPw BI, West Java Province, Friday (03/05).

    The governor stated that West Java's economy was currently good and infrastructure was built as a form of support to reduce inflation in West Java.

    "Hopefully returning home from here, the ulama delivered messages to the congregation about inflation so that West Java until the inflationary Eid is under control. The point is that you don't need to consume excessively enough so that trade and the economy can be properly maintained, "he said.

    The governor also congratulated all Muslims in West Java in welcoming this Ramadan with the hope of getting stronger in their faith in Islam. (Parno)

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