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    Three Months Rolling, Steel Clothes Successfully Build 19 Villages


    BANDUNG CITY- Launched on January 17, 2019, the West Java Bamboo Champion (Baja Baju) Bamboo program initiated by the Green Lestari Indonesia (HLI) environmental conservation community has succeeded in developing 19 villages in five regencies / cities in West Java.

    There have been many craft products produced from this bamboo base material. The villages are in Subang, Indramayu, Bekasi, Sukabumi, and Banjar Cities. Each group has 15 artisans so that a total of 285 craftsmen are trained and educated about bamboo.

    Craft products are produced such as for building construction, furniture, handicrafts, and household appliances, such as bamboo wrapped flasks, bamboo-patterned walls, bamboo lampshades, furniture, and laminated bamboo that can be used for floors, wallcoverings, cabinets, etc. . There are even some bamboo craft products that have been used in star hotels.

    Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is committed to continuing to encourage the empowerment of the village's creative economy, not only through the use of its bamboo as well as its conservation for conservation.

    "In addition to improving the creative economy in the villages but also protecting the environment, keeping the bamboo from running out. Because after cutting down bamboo, they replanted it with a very modern theory, "Uu said when met by the West Java Public Relations Report Team after an audience with HLI regarding the Steel Shirt program in Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Thursday (05/2/19).

    "Therefore, we are encouraging this Steel Shirt program," he continued.

    For that, continued Uu, West Java Provincial Government will provide assistance both for capital or equipment needed for craftsmen.

    "(Local Government) West Java Province God willing, for our capital we convey about the Mesra Credit program. But for the tools to make bamboo handicrafts, we will help according to the needs in the village. But it still must begin with training, "said Uu.

    The Steel Shirt Program targets 100 assisted villages until October 2019. The Chairperson of the Oki Hikmawan Steel Clothes Program said, these villages will be fostered to build the local wisdom potential of their area through bamboo.

    "Hopefully our dream of making 100 creative villages in West Java, the Born and Inner Champion can be realized until October," Oki hoped.

    "Where will we direct the village? "It is an increase in local wisdom, empowering rural communities to make bamboo a measure of creative economy in each village," he added.

    Of the 19 villages that have been fostered, there are four villages that have been plotted to produce bamboo crafts with certain products, namely Kalijati Timur Village in Subang with laminated bamboo products, Ciaseum Girang Village in Subang (lampshade decorating products), Kujang Sari Village in Kota Banjar (kitchen equipment products), and Kadudampit Village in Sukabumi Regency (sitting lamp creation products).

    "So, we have placed the zoning, from the 19 villages, the directives are already there how to avoid a buildup of goods or products," said Oki.

    While in terms of conservation, Steel Clothes is committed to training craftsmen to replant. It is also important to ensure the availability of raw materials.

    For this reason, Steel Shirt is preparing a MoU with the West Java Provincial Environmental Agency for a rare bamboo nursery program and land preparation for conservation.

    "We will continue and we follow up on how to create creative villages in West Java, not just innovating in the use of bamboo, but the management and conservation of bamboo," Oki said.

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