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    West Java Provincial Government Achieved Two Awards at Government Award 2019


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil won the Indonesian Innovative Leader award from MNC Group on Government Award 2019 Appreciation Night, Tuesday night (04/30/2019) at Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta. In addition, the West Java Provincial Government won Government Award in the same event for the Investment category.

    Representing the Governor, the Head of the West Java Regional Secretariat of Public Relations and Protocol, Hermansyah, received the award which was handed over by the Minister of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia, Eko Putro Sandjojo

    Hermansyah said on behalf of the Governor and West Java Provincial Government, expressed his gratitude for the trust of the people and collaborative work of all parties that made West Java considered the best province in matters of investment.

    "We thank Sindo Weekly for the award. This is the success of the entire administration in the provincial government of Algebra and residents of West Java. Proud because of the hard work so far there have been those who appreciate," he said after receiving the award.

    According to him, this is expected from the media that not always bad news is good news, but good news is good news. He hopes that the partnership between West Java Provincial Government and the media, especially MNC Group, will be even tighter. "Each party plays its role in the pentahelix relationship, in which the bureaucracy and the media are one vision to build a spirit of inner birth," he said.

    At the annual event led by SINDO Weekly Magazine, this year gave awards to 29 regional heads who were considered successful in carrying out various innovations in managing development in their respective regions.

    Chief Editor of SINDO Weekly Magazine Nevy Hetharia said in his press release, the implementation of this year's Government Award is the 6th held since 2014. "The motivation for awarding is based on achievements that have been made by the local government, including by the head of the region," Nevy said in Jakarta, Tuesday (04/30/2019).

    "Because we are aware, actually one of the benchmarks for the success of national development is the growth and development of regions in Indonesia as a source of national economic strength," he said.

    Nevy said, since it was first held in 2014 and until 2018 ago, SINDO Weekly Magazine has pinned 194 Government Award awards to governors, mayors and regents.

    "For 2019, 31 awards will be given to regional leaders. So, the total Government Award given up to 2019 has reached 224 awards, "Nevy said.

    Nevy said, this award was given based on an assessment conducted by the MNC Group team with the Editor of Sindo Weekly in collaboration with a number of academics. In the assessment, the team pays attention to a number of factors, including the authenticity of ideas, institutions that handle innovation, and the set of rules used to ensure that these innovations can be carried out sustainably.

    "What is equally important, innovation must bring regional competitiveness advantages and provide great benefits for the community," he said.

    After conducting the study, the MNC Group team with the Editor of Sindo Weekly this year gave a Government Award to the district / city and provincial governments, as well as figures who played a major role in encouraging the birth of innovation in their regions.

    The 31 Government Award awarded by SINDO Weekly Magazine and each category, namely:

    1. Ambon City (City of Tolerance)

    2. City of Payakumbuh (Healthy City)

    3. Kota Jayapura (Education)

    4. City of Depok (Public Service Infrastructure)

    5. Malang City (Bureaucratic Innovation)

    6. Pangkalpinang City (Tourism)

    7. Tapin District (Economic Growth)

    8. West Sumbawa Regency (Poverty Alleviation)

    9. Puncak Regency (Papua Infrastructure)

    10. East Luwu Regency (Infrastructure)

    11. Bulukumba Regency (Tourism)

    12. Musi Banyuasin Regency (Infrastructure Innovation)

    13. Jayapura Regency (Disaster Management)

    14. Tuban Regency (Food Security)

    15. Pasuruan Regency (Public Services)

    16. Serang Regency (Education)

    17. Tangerang Regency (Health)

    18. North Sulawesi Province (Social Security)

    19. DKI Jakarta Province (Public Transportation)

    20. NTT Province (Animal Husbandry Development)

    21. West Java Province (Investment)

    22. East Java Province (Employment Management)

    23. Ambon Mayor (Indonesian Creative Leader)

    24. Balikpapan Mayor (Indonesian Creative Leader)

    25. Manado Mayor (Indonesian Creative Leader)

    26. Mayor of Bontang (Inspiring Woman Leader)

    27. Medan City (Indonesian Creative Leader)

    28. Regent of North Tapanuli (Indonesian Creative Leader)

    29. South Buru Regent (Indonesian Innovative Leader)

    30. Governor of Central Java (Indonesian Innovative Leader)

    31. Governor of West Java (Indonesian Innovative Leader)

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