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    May Day in West Java with Cheerful Nuance


    BANDUNG CITY- There is something different on the commemoration of May Day or International Labor Day 2019 in West Java. Around 1500 workers from 31 unions in West Java warned him in a creative, positive and beneficial way.

    The West Java Provincial Government through the Department of Manpower and Transmigration collaborated with the Indonesian Trade Union and Employers' Association (Apindo), West Java, held a Demo Creation of Labor (DCL) with the theme May Day is Creative Day, at the office of the West Java Manpower and Transmigration Office. Soekarno Hatta Street No 532, Bandung City, Wednesday (1/5/19).

    Each worker representative continues to convey their aspirations, demands and expectations for their welfare. But in this "demonstration" action, the speeches of the workers are valued and appreciated by labor experts.

    In addition to creative "demonstrations", May Day at the Disnakertrans office was filled with Demo Art, which is a channel for workers who have artistic talent to demonstrate their abilities.

    There is also a Culinary Demo that displays the results of culinary training that is followed by workers' families. Then there is the Demo Solution, which is a shared space to convey the direct aspirations of the workers with the government.

    The Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, in the event wanted this May Day to be the beginning of a change in the Labor Day mindset that should be fun, creative but aspirations were still conveyed.

    "We want this May Day to be the beginning of us to encourage a change in mindset that May Day is fun. The government has set a national holiday so we fill it with more useful, creative and efforts to find innovations and solutions to labor problems," said the Governor Emil.

    He revealed, West Java Provincial Government continues to be committed to finding solutions and innovations to fight for labor rights. Therefore, he opened up the widest possible space to communicate with the workers.

    Emil wants the meeting with the workers not only during the May Day commemoration but routinely communicates at least three or four months.

    "Let us routinely communicate, we meet three or four months, not every May Day. This is to solve problems together," he said.

    One of the innovative policies that will be implemented this year is that it will require companies to build workers-only apartments that are located next to the workplace.

    So it is necessary to no longer need to spend transportation costs to the workplace. The special apartment for workers is planned to be built by Real Estate Indonesia, the company only prepares the land.

    "We are increasing innovative policies, including building special apartments for laborers next to the factory, so that one day there will be no transportation expenses because they live next to the workplace. So that workers can save and prosperity increases. We are preparing the regulations," Emil explained.

    "So I will not only increase wages but the house next to the workplace will be fought for," he added.

    The head of the West Java Manpower and Transmigration Office, Ade Afriadi, said that the stigma of May Day had always been negative because it was identical to demonstrations. Therefore, he designed a collaboration between employers, workers and the government to channel the spirit of labor day in a creative and beneficial way.

    "It is expected that this event can establish active communication of all parties in promoting a harmonious, dynamic, equitable working atmosphere and the creation of conducive West Java," Ade said.

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