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    World Water Day, Deputy Governor: Water for the Hereafter World


    BOGOR REGENCY- Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum attended XXVII World Water Day (HAD) Peak Activities in 2019, which was held in the Situ Lido area, Bogor Regency, Tuesday (04/30/19).

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul said that water is the most basic human need. Even water is the right of life for every soul.

    Also in addition to the necessities of life that are physical or worldly, the Deputy Governor of Uu also mentioned, that water is also needed in religious life, which is a need for ukhrawi, or the purpose of the hereafter.

    "Water is very important for life, we really need it not only for worldly needs, but also ukhrawi matters, or even the need for water. Like ablution, cleansing large, small, and unclean cases," West Java Deputy Governor said.

    "Then let's take care of springs, maintain water sources and protect the environment so that the water does not run out. Don't cut down trees carelessly. We better leave the spring to our children and grandchildren, rather than leaving behind tears," he added.

    Uu emphasized that the West Java Provincial Government is always trying to present basic services to the community, including the success of various central government programs through the Ministry of Public Works and Water related to the waters.

    In addition, Uu admitted, his party also empowers water to be utilized in terms of its economy. Especially in terms of tourism. Supported by beautiful natural landscapes, situ, lakes, or reservoirs, it could be the potential of natural tourism that many tourists are interested in.

    "With World Water Day, which is held in West Java, it is a driving force to use water for life, as well as for wider water functions," Uu said.

    To guarantee the availability of water in West Java, the West Java Provincial Government has launched the 100 Embung Champion movement. This movement includes normalization, capacity building, and safeguarding 100 situ springs in six river basins in West Java.

    With 100 Embung Champion, water needs in West Java are sought to be fulfilled. Not only for the community for fundamental interests such as washing bath latrines, but also the interests of industry, tourism, fisheries, and culture.

    As for a number of water fields that will be touched by revitalization and structuring by the West Java Provincial Government, among others, the Darma Reservoir in Kuningan Regency, Situ Ciburuy (West Bandung Regency), Situ Rawa Kalong (Depok City), Kalimalang (Bekasi City), and Break Water in Pangandaran Regency .

    At the same place, Director General of Water Resources of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Works, Hari Suprayogi, stressed that World Water Day activities are a form of concern and efforts to encourage public awareness of the importance of availability and access to clean water. In 2019, the HAD celebration carries the theme 'All Must Get Access to Water'.

    HAD has been commemorated for 27 years since it was established at the UN General Assembly on March 22, 1992. In 2019, the theme raised was 'All Must Get Access to Water' adopted from the international theme 'Water for All: Leaving No One Behind' containing understanding of water for all without exception.

    Hari explained, based on UN-WATER data, globally, there are still 2.1 billion people who have not yet had access to clean water. Globally, there are still 80 percent of the population living in rural areas still using water from inappropriate sources.

    "In addition, no less than 68.5 million people are in refugee camps due to natural disasters, wars and socio-political conflicts and have problems accessing water," he continued.

    In Indonesia, water resources management is also a challenge. Based on data from the National Socio-Economic Survey (Susenas) by the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), there are no provinces in Indonesia that have access to decent water sources up to 100 percent.

    Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of the XXVII World Water Day Celebration, Muhammad Arsyadi said, in the framework of commemorating the XXVII HAD in 2019, activities carried out at the Balai Besar and Balai Sungai Areas include the cleaning of 88,258 kilometers of river , cleaning the environment, and planting trees.

    "All activities on the BWS are carried out jointly with the Regional Government and related agencies and by involving water care community organizations and schools from kindergarten to university level," he said.

    During the peak HAD activity, the distribution of 150,000 seeds of tilapia and baung fish were supported by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), as well as planting 200 Norfolk cypress trees, Glodakan Poles, Eucalyptus, Jabon, and Mahogany support from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

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