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    Establishing BBGRM, Governor: Fertilize Mutual Cooperation Through Gathering


    WEST JAVA REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil launched the XVI Community Service Month of West Java Province 2019 at Guruminda Field, Kayuambon Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency, Tuesday (04/30/19).

    Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, invites all elements of society in West Java to re-mingle and strengthen ties and unity. In accordance with the spirit of mutual cooperation and togetherness instilled through BBGRM activities.

    According to Emil, the value of mutual cooperation is one of the characteristics and social parts of the people of West Java and Indonesia. When combined in a word, Pancasila has the essence of value, namely mutual cooperation. This value according to Emil is not owned by other nations in the world.

    "This is part of the West Java community, namely mutual cooperation. Which is the essence of Pancasila if Bung Karno says. If Pancasila is put together into one word its name is mutual cooperation," Emil said when met after the launching of Jabar 2019 BBGRM.

    On this occasion, Emil also advised the public that the spirit of the third principle of Pancasila namely Indonesian Unity continues to take precedence. Especially to solve a problem through friendship.

    "I am entrusted, the political affairs have been completed. We are focusing on building with the spirit of the third principle of Indonesian Unity. Translated in the villages, in villages with movements often meeting each other to solve a problem," he ordered.

    In line with Emil, Deputy Regent of West Bandung Hengky Kurniawan who was present on behalf of the Regent considered that mutual cooperation was the essence of Pancasila. Hengky also believes that to build the nation in the future it must be done through deliberation in deciding and mutual cooperation in work.

    "Mutual cooperation is the essence of Pancasila and I believe that the responsibility for building the nation in the future must be done by deliberation in deciding and mutual cooperation in work," Hengky said in his speech.

    Furthermore, said Hengky, mutual cooperation that grows in the community as part of the nation's cultural value system needs to be conserved efficiently. This is to strengthen the social integration of the people in the village and strengthen the unity of the Republic of Indonesia.

    "Preservation of the value of mutual cooperation is carried out through community participation in building which includes components in the community," Hengky ordered.

    This year's XVI BBGRM raises the theme "With the Service Month of Our Society and Strengthening Community Innovation Towards West Java Champion". The purpose of this activity, which is to foster the growth of mutual cooperation as a noble value of the Indonesian people and to increase community participation in development.

    This BBGRM activity was held for one month simultaneously in all villages and urban villages throughout West Java. There were several activities held, including the assessment of the village and the best implementing kelurahan at the regional level of West Java Province in 2019.

    Then there were community cooperation activities in the framework of Citarum Harum together with Harum Task Force Citarum Sector 22 Kodam III / Siliwangi in the Cikapundung tributary, Sukamaju village, Kayuambon village.

    Community cooperation gathering with the theme "Generating Mutual Cooperation in the Millennium Era", as well as exhibiting superior village and urban potential, community services, and bazaars.

    At the end of the launching ceremony, Governor Ridwan Kamil who was accompanied by the Chairperson of West Java TP PKK Atalia Praratya, and Deputy Regent Hengky Kurniawan and Chairperson of TP PKK West Bandung Regency Sonya Fatmala, awarded BBGRM the best implementing villages and villages in West Java Province in 2019. Para winners get trophies and coaching money.

    Following are the winners of the Best BBGRM West Java Province Year 2019:

    1. Village Category

    - Best Actor I: Sindanggalih Village, Karangtengah District, Garut Regency,

    - Best Executor II: Kayuambon Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency,

    - Best Implementer III: Deda Sukaharja, Cijeruk District, Bogor Regency.

    2. Village Category

    - Best Actor I: Babakan Ciparay Village, Babakan Ciparay District, Bandung City,

    - Best Executor II: Karangtengah Village, Gunung Puyuh District, Sukabumi City

    - Best Implementation III: Muktisari Village, Langensari District, Banjar City.

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