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    Formula Three Pro, Governor Wanted Bank BJB to go Up Class


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil requested that the new directors be able to deliver Bank Bjb to go up the class from book three bank to book four bank by prioritizing the three pro principles of Profitability, Pro Development, and Pro Poor.

    This was confirmed by Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) of the Book Year 2018 PT West Java and Banten Tbk Regional Development Bank at The Trans Luxury Hotel, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Bandung, Tuesday (04/30/19 )

    The three pro principle that was triggered by the Governor was meaningful, profitability meant the bank had to profit. Pro development means supporting development programs in accordance with the name of regional development banks. Whereas pro-poor means or banks that favor SME micro-enterprises (MSMEs) SMEs and the lower middle class.

    "So I ask in the coming years, starting the revolution this year, there will be an acceleration with the concept (vision of the three pros)," Emil said to all RUPS participants and Bank shareholders bjb.

    "If these three are successful, we have aspirations - I have consulted with OJK (Financial Services Authority), if these three are carried out with extraordinary professionalism and perseverance, this bjb bank can go up to class four, now we are still book three, "he added.

    Furthermore, Emil said that until now Bank BJB had not yet made a maximum contribution in regional development and society. That way, every benefit obtained by Bank Bjb must be felt not only in annual terms at the GMS.

    "We shareholders have the view that the bjb benefits must be felt by us on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, not only meeting at the end of the year listening to the report (at the Annual GMS of the Book). said Emil.

    "Well, the letter 'P' (the word 'development' from the name of the West Java Regional Development Bank and Banten, Tbk.) Has not yet been felt, it should pave the road, build bridges, there is credit from the bjb," he added.

    For this reason, Emil hopes that after this Annual General Meeting of Shareholders bjb lending is not only on the commercial, private and consumer side, but also lending to regions for various development programs.

    In addition, on this occasion Emil requested that the bjb contribute to poverty alleviation through easy and fast capital lending. This is a form of prevention for the community not to accept loans from fintech and loan sharks.

    "The regional heads have a noble duty to alleviate poverty. But sometimes our instruments are limited. Why are there many finteches and loan sharks? Because it is easy, not because it facilitates financing because if the financing (such as interest) suffocates," Emil said.

    "I have surveyed the poor people with better interest rates without having to have complicated administration, the formula," he continued.

    That way, a bank needs to know the psychological side of the consumer or customer, so that the bank needs to pick up the ball like the pattern of credit offers made by fintech and loan sharks.

    "This means that the bank must memorize the psychology of consumers. That is, today we ask to pick up the ball not come to us (bank). If the pattern of the bank does not change, it will be abandoned (the customer). trillions, "he said.

    Add Number of Directors

    In an effort to adjust to the changes and developments in the age of information technology or digital, at this Annual GMS Governor Emil proposed that Bank BJB have an additional director namely the Director of IT (Information Technology).

    According to Emil, this position is a form of relevance to change in this digital era. "A large institution whose name is bjb must be relevant. This is a natural law, anyone whose age is long can be relevant to development," Emil said.

    "The phenomenon of change is present in front of our eyes, we can only follow or miss," he added.

    One example of the relevance of the financial services industry that has been present in this industrial era 4.0 is financial technology (fintech). According to Emil, fintech has spread and often enters the people's economic space without being able to be controlled. This also becomes a challenge for Bank BJB to be able to compete aggressively through technology.

    For this reason, the proposed new position, namely the Director of IT, Treasury and International Banking in the Board of Directors of BJB, was discussed at the Annual General Meeting of 2018. Based on the results of the Annual GMS, the proposed new position was approved by the majority of shareholders.

    Thus there are currently 7 (seven) positions of the board of commissioners and directors at the West Java Regional Development Bank and Banten, Tbk. the proposed fit and proper test will be proposed and will be carried out immediately, namely:

    1. Farid Rahman (Independent President Commissioner),

    2. Eddy I M Nasution (Commissioner),

    3. Fahlino F Sjuib (Independent Commissioner),

    4. President Director: Yuddy Renaldy,

    5. Operational Director: Tedi Setiawan,

    6. Commercial and MSME Director: Benny Riswandi,

    7. Director of IT, Treasury and International Banking: Rio Lanasier.

    "There were seven in total (board of commissioners and directors) that were previously six. Then the names that were discussed repeatedly with the OJK were proposed. The name proposed and adopted to be processed became definitive after proper fit maybe three weeks or one month from now. , "Emil explained when met after the Annual GMS.

    Of the five new people in the board of commissioners and directors, three came from internal bjb. "Of the five, all three come from internal sources, so they are proportionally from the outside. This indicates that the career of Bank Bjb employees is very good," Emil said.

    While the main director candidate (director) comes from outside the Bank bjb. Emil said that after his party received input from the OJK, if Bank Bjb wanted to go up to class to become a book bank, four people needed to have work experience at the bank in book four.

    "OJK provides input and requirements for bjb banks to go to class to become book bank 4. This book four bank from the profile that applies does not exist except Mr. Yudi. So Mr. Yudi is the only one (who has experience) in BNI and Mandiri, has experience managing the complexity of bank book four, "Emil said.

    "We believe that his experience as an executive in the bank book four will bring BJB as a regional bank whose performance is on par with national banks," he said. (*)

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