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    West Java Deputy Governor is Accompanying Vice President JK Inaugurates New Building for PMI Hospital in Bogor


    BOGOR - Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, accompanied the Working Visit of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, on the Opening Ceremony of Building A (Afiat Center and Kalla Ballroom) Hospital of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), located on Padjajaran Street No. 80 City of Bogor, on Monday (04/29/19).

    In his direction, Vice President Jusuf Kalla encouraged better hospital services. According to Kalla, service is an important element besides technology.

    "Because even though doctors are great, technology is advanced, but if the nurses are not smiling, that care will not be visited," said Vice President JK.

    Jusuf Kalla, who is also the chairperson of PMI, gave an example of health services in Singapore which are full of interested people. According to him, medical treatment in Singapore does not mean a guarantee to recover. However, many people seek treatment there because they expect better service.

    "It doesn't mean that Singapore (there is a guarantee) is cured. We think that hospitality is better, the doctors are more updated, the equipment is better," he said.

    especially in Bogor City, which is densely populated, of course requires good health services and facilities, which can accommodate the needs of the community for excellent health services.

    "Greater Bogor needs good service, he said.

    The Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, said that PMI as a leading organization in the field of social humanity provided benefits that would certainly be felt by the community. Especially with the presence of the PMI Hospital and the New Building which is currently inaugurated.

    "On behalf of the people of West Java, we thank PMI for presenting hospitals in the West Java region, as a solution to improve community health status," Uu said.

    Public health, according to him, is a major aspect of development. This means that West Java can reach all its development goals if its public health index is good. So that a healthy society will be more productive in promoting development.

    In line with that, continued Uu, the Regional Government of West Java Province, continued to strive to build health service facilities in various regions. So the presence of PMI hospitals in Bogor, became one of the supporters in the provision of health services, due to the limited reach of the Government in providing comprehensive services.

    Meanwhile, the construction of a new building for the Bogor Indonesian Red Cross Hospital (PMI) has been completed. The building was named Grand Afiat. This building comes with complete facilities to meet the needs of the community.

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PMI Bogor Hospital, dr. Farid W Husain, hopes that the new building of the PMI Bogor Hospital can answer curative and preventive health needs. So the construction of Grand Afiat is an effort to support various needs of today's society.

    "Grand Afiat plans to become a One stop health service and life style which is the background for the establishment of the Grand Afiat PMI Hospital in Bogor," he said.

    In addition, there will be additional specialists, such as dentistry and sub-specialists such as fetomaternal, oncology and kidney counselors, in addition to special clinics such as growth clinics, wound care clinics and pain clinics.

    "Previously lifestyle clinics such as medical check-ups, medical cosmetic clinics, medical acupuncture clinics, nutrition clinics, lactation clinics have been developed. Now services will be opened such as geriatric clinics, memory clinics, man clinics, and other clinics to complement existing services, "he explained.

    Director of PMI Bogor Hospital Dr. Yuliantini said, the construction of Grand Afiat is one of the efforts to support various needs of today's society. So that in the future, Grand Afiat is not only intended for people who need treatment because of illness. But also for people who want to maintain their health.

    In addition to curative and life style facilities, the building with an area of 9,721 m2 is also supported by other facilities such as restaurants, cafes, banks, minimarkets, optics and health equipment stores. Not only the ballroom with a visitor capacity of more than 700 people on the 4th floor can be used by people who want to hold events such as seminars, coordination meetings and weddings.

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