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    STQ XVI / 2019, Event to Increase Contingent Quality


    BANDUNG CITY - The West Java Provincial Government held the West Java Tilawatil Quran (STQ) Selection level from April 28 to May 3, 2019 for all districts / cities.

    The selection was opened in three places in the city of Bandung, namely Pusdai Jalan Diponegoro No. 63, Masjid Al-Mutaqin Gedung Sate, and the Great Mosque of the City of Bandung.

    STQ XVI is a collaboration between the West Java Provincial Government, the Ministry of Religion Regional Office of West Java Province, and the West Java Province Tilawatil Quran Development Institute (LPTQ).

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum who opened the event hoped the quality of the contingents would increase from last year. Because the provincial level STQ winners will represent West Jwa at the national level which will be held from June 27 to July 6, 2019 in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

    "Indeed, it was recognized when the XXVII National Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran 2018 in Medan, the results were not as expected. So we hope that this year the competency of participants will be better than the previous year," said Uu Deputy Governor in his direction at the opening of the Java Province STQ XVI West, at Plaza Pusdai Bandung, Sunday (4/28/19).

    Meanwhile, in STQ XVI at the level of West Java Province this year, there is a new category, namely the Musabaqah Hadith of the Prophet, which includes among them memorizing 100 hadiths with sanad and Musabaqah Hadist Nabi rote 500 hadith branches without sanad.

    This new branch, said Uu, is important for santri and Muslims in general in strengthening the understanding of hadith as a source of law and worship in everyday life.

    "So it is not enough to just study the Koran but the hadith as a source of law and daily worship must be known," he said.

    Meanwhile, Uu continued, reading the Koran and knowing how to read it well and beautifully, made a priority for every Muslim. And, the Qur'an itself, is one of the pillars of faith. Not only that, the Qur'an says Uu, is the word of Allah SWT which is the guideline of human life.

    "To the participants, congratulations on joining STQ, hopefully bringing peace, actualizing Islamic teachings peacefully," said Uu.

    "Make STQ this time prepare for the National STQ. Make this event a whip and a lesson to be more active in training in the future," he added.

    While the Chairperson of West Java LPTQ and Chair of the Committee David Achmad mentioned six categories contested in the 2019 Tilawatil Qur'an Selection in the Level of West Java Province.

    The categories include, Musahabaqah Tilawatil Alquran children and adults, Musabaqah Hifzil Qur'an (MHQ) 1 Juz and 5 Juz, Musabaqah Hifzil Quran (MHQ) 10 Juz and 20 Juz, Musabaqah Hifzil Quran (MHQ) 30 Juz and Language Interpretations Arab.

    "As well as new categories, namely the Musabaqah Hadith of the Prophet (MHN), which includes among them, memorizing 100 Hadiths with sanads and the Musabaqah Hadist of the Prophet 500 hadith memorized branches without sanad," added David.

    The number of participants reached 456 people with details of 230 male participants, and 226 female participants. "STQ is the driving force for accelerating development in terms of religion or spiritual brightness," he said.

    Innovation was also present at the holding of STQ in West Java this year, that the participants had to do a print poster to avoid jockeys. The organizing committee has collaborated with the West Java Population and Civil Registration Office (Disdukcapil) to avoid any jockeys or order participants.

    Head of the West Java Provincial Office of the Ministry of Religion A. Buchori hopes that this activity can be well followed by all STQ caravans. So that later when participating in STQ National Level can achieve maximum results.

    According to Kakanwil, this activity can continue to foster a love for the Koran. More broadly, this activity can also be an arena in realizing a Quranic society. So STQ becomes the implementation of the government's concern for community development.

    "It is expected to strengthen the commitment that the implementation is better and must change in a better direction," he said.

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa who was also present at the opening of STQ X hoped the participants could take part in this activity as optimally as possible so that there was an increase in achievement.

    "Because this is the first step. The next step at the national level is we hope to become the General Champion," Iwa hoped.

    Meanwhile, the opening of the XVI STQ Level in West Java Province was a success. The program was enlivened with a colossal dance with many dancers, and featured guest stars Wali Band.

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