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    Parliament Member Plan to the Incipience of Bogor Raya Province


    BANDUNG- House of representative member of Republic of Indonesia from West Java Region Selection V, Soenmandjaja encourages the incipience of Bogor Raya province that will replace the Bogor District. It caused by in demographic reason, the total population of Bogor District has been proper to be improved into provincial level.

    “5 million of population is equal with population of one country in Europe. For the effectiveness in citizen service, Bogor district is ideal to be a province,” Soenmandjaja explained in conference press that is achieved by jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (29/3).

    Historically, Soenmandjaja added that Bogor is one of five residencies in West Java before the incipience of Law No. 5/1974.

    The Bogor residence involves Bogor District, Sukabumi District, Cianjur District, and Bogor Municipality.
    “Thus, in showing the urgency of the making, then study can be proposed to the making of Bogor Raya province,” member of legislature parliament and PKS fraction said. 

    According to Soenmandjaja, besides four regions of ex-Bogor Residence, Bogor, and Depok are also involved as a part of Bogor Raya province.

    On the other side, the area of Bogor district can be grow up into Bogor District, West Bogor District, East Bogor District, and South Bogor District.

    “However, it has to go through an accurate study by considering various things including a carrying capacity of natural resources,” he added.

    By the making of new province named Bogor Raya, Soenmandjaja expected it can get more leverage into Jakarta for a buffer zone as a capital of the country.

    “Also, control of the government are too broad for the province of West Java this time,” Soenmandjaja explained.

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