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    West Java-ICA Electrical Appliance Audit Cooperation for Every Resident's House


    BANDUNG - 70% of fire disasters are caused by electrical equipment in homes that are not qualified. To improve the safety of the people of West Java, the Regional Government of West Java Province in collaboration with the International Copper Association (ICA) will audit each residential house through a survey of electrical equipment from 2019-2024.

    This collaboration is part of the disaster resilience blueprint or West Java Resilience Blue Print which is being prepared by the West Java Provincial Government. The signing of the West Java-ICA cooperation was contained in a Letter of Intent (LOI) signed by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil with the Director of ICA Collin May East and Southeast Asia Region in East Hall, ITB Campus, Bandung, Monday afternoon (04/29/19 )

    The United Nations (UN) designates West Java as a pilot area for electricity security. "As a leader, I have to prepare a safer life. But there is no data, cooperation with the International Copper Association for five years - for input from the United Nations, West Java will be used as an example, "said Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname when met after the LoI signing ceremony.

    "So, all houses will be audited by the West Java Provincial Government in cooperation with them (ICA). "The category of houses that are safe, lacking, safe, and unsafe will be discovered later," he continued.

    The audit results will be able to determine a safe, less secure and unsafe house. Unsafe and Unsafe means it has the potential for fire. "To homes that have less safe and unsafe potential, we will educate them to replace (electrical equipment) with adequate electricity quality, so that 70 percent of the fire disasters do not come from non-quality electrical equipment," he added.

    In addition, through this cooperation, education will also be provided to the electrical installation officers in West Java. "So, it will be audited by tools to electrical installations. Second, we will also educate officers, "Emil said.

    The West Java-ICA cooperation related to the electricity safety campaign takes the theme Safety, Green, and Smart Electricity. This is indicated by the provision of a free certificate for officers or electrical installers. This certificate of competence is needed by experts to support its credibility.

    According to the Director of ICA Collin May in the East and Southeast Asia Region in a written statement received by the West Java Public Relations Reporting Team, industry 4.0 in terms of electronics / electricity and automotive must have copper that has the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). Copper has a conductive level of 30% higher than other metals which means increasing efficiency.

    Whereas in automotive copper is a key material for cleaner transportation. In electric cars, copper usage is four times more than conventional cars.

    Based on data from the Fire Department in one of the major cities in Indonesia, there were 1,047 fires in 2016 and 754 of them caused by electric power. While in 2017 there were 1,185 fire cases and 851 of them were caused by electricity.

    Causes of fire include non-standard maintenance, open electrical parts, poor cable insulation, overloading of electrical installation systems, damage to electrical installation systems, use of standard electrical installation equipment, and poor electrical conditions.

    "This is a common reality, not only in Indonesia but in some countries that users or consumers do not care about electrical wires in their homes. People think that the electricity cables in their homes are safe and the electricity system has been set up and checked, "said Collin May.

    Development Seminar 4.0

    Previously in the West Hall of ITB, Governor Ridwan Kamil also closed the 3rd National Seminar in the framework of 100 Years of ITB and PTTI (Technical Higher Education in Indonesia). There are three conclusions produced through the theme Seminar Development 4.0: Meeting the Global Challenges.

    First, there are parties or markets that encourage industrial 4.0. One of the parties who become the perpetrators of this industry is Google. Until now, Google has become a giant company in the field of data search engines.

    Secondly, the government represented by the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Ministry of PUPR, and the Ministry of Tourism in this seminar acknowledged the existence of industry 4.0 phenomena. In addition, the government has also responded and pushed to implement this industry 4.0 through various policies and programs.

    Third, the researcher and cultural observer who gives control p development of industry 4.0. According to him, the ideal and true human side must continue to exist and be maintained in the midst of the current 4.0 industrial revolution.

    While Governor Ridwan Kamil views industry 4.0 as a means to increase productivity. For this reason, Emil applies 4.0 to fight problems in West Java such as inequality or gap issues.

    "So, one of my conclusions about 4.0 is increasing productivity. Positive, 4.0 it replaces human tasks that are too routine, so that human intelligence can be shifted to things that are impulsive, to things that are innovative, inventions, and so on, which are routinely replaced by robotics, "explained Emil.

    Through the 4.0 industrial revolution, West Java developed itself to become the West Java Digital Inclusive Province through the Digital Village program. There are eight areas that are the focus of work, namely the provision of free wifi to each village, social development for each village, making What's App Group for village head communication, making What's App Group for villagers communication, application software services in the village, business through digital, application-based agriculture, and village command center or village command center.

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