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    The Provincial Government Realizes West Java is Worthy of Children Through Overtime


    SUBANG REGENCY - West Java Provincial Government consistently develops traditional games in order to form the character of a typical Sundanese child and realize West Java as a child-worthy province or provila.

    It was said by the Chairperson of the West Java Province PKK Driving Team Atalia Praratya when reviewing the Market Champion of West Java Tourism Village towards West Java as a Child-Friendly Province in Bolang Village, Cibuluh Village, Tanjungsiang District, Subang Regency, Saturday (04/27/19).

    According to Atalia, many traditional children's games are now extinct and the remaining ones are increasingly abandoned because they are unable to compete with digital games that are accessed through various devices.

    "Today we are here to bring children closer to traditional games which have seemed almost extinct so far because they were eroded by gadgets," Atalia said.

    Atalia appreciates the Tourism Market or abbreviated as Pa Sarwi in because it revives many typical traditional games and is close to nature.

    "I opened the event together with playing pistols from rubber and I saw a lot of games here that can increase children's happiness and bring children closer to nature. Hopefully this activity can encourage West Java as a child-worthy province, "she said.

    Atalia reminded children to have four rights that must be fulfilled by parents, namely the right to life, the right to participate, the right to get protection, and the right to be sufficient and to develop according to his age.

    Through this traditional children's game, it is expected that these four children's rights can be fulfilled by many parents in West Java.

    Cibuluh Village is divided into four hamlets namely Bolang 1 Hamlet, Bolang 2, Bolang 3, and Ciseupan Hamlet. In addition to many traditional games, tourists who visit can also enjoy the beauty of the nature and culture of the local community.

    There is also an area of 5,000 square meters which is a cultural vehicle with a typical Sundanese nuance. Until now, Bolang Cultural Village has collected 2,600 traditional games throughout Indonesia and 340 games throughout West Java.

    The entrance fee to the village is Rp 50,000 per person must come in one group of at least 50 people. Usually there are 10 games to be taught, two of which are games in the water.

    Head of Culture of the West Java Tourism and Culture Office Wahyu Iskandar said the West Java Provincial Government not only focused on physical development, but also on the development of community character. One of them is building a child-friendly province with traditional children's play media.

    "There are approximately two hundred types of traditional children's games or commonly referred to as kaulinan urang lembur. This activity is one of the regional value development programs," said Wahyu.

    The establishment of tourist villages like this, besides being intended to bring in tourists, is in an effort to alleviate poverty, especially for the surrounding community. In developing tourism villages, it is necessary to integrate and foster human resources who have been provided with cultural insights so that they are ready to accept tourists. (*)

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