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    Pacific State Glanced Higher Education in West Java


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa introduces West Java's potentials to the ambassadors of Pacific countries at the reception of the Commemoration of the Eight Years of the Alliance, at the Bandung Institute of Technology's School of Business and Management (SBM), Jalan Ganeca , Bandung City, Friday (04/26/19).

    As a result, some Pacific states such as Chile, Peru and Colombia appreciate the world of higher education in West Java.

    "Thank God, here are also a number of university representatives (present), both state and private, and direct dialogue with those concerned (ambassadors of Chile and Peru)," Iwa said after the event.

    "From there there will be a relationship between the community and the world community of education, and it will develop further to more specific things," he added.

    Previously, after giving an introduction to West Java, Iwa was approached by several ambassadors to dialogue on higher education in West Java. Several universities that attended such as Unikom, Unpad, and Telkom University also promoted the campus.
    The Ambassador of Chile Gustavo Ayares admitted that he was very impressed and interested in the complete selection of studies in West Java. According to him, higher education greatly determines the quality of a country's human resources.

    "Even though a country doesn't have natural resources, it's always a reliable human resource, and it's only achievable with high education. Like here in West Java, it's very comprehensive. (Even though a country has no source natural power, a strong country always needs reliable human resources, and that can only be achieved through higher education. Like in West Java, it is very complete), "Gustavo said during a discussion.

    Touched on the relationship between West Java and Pacific countries, Regional Secretary Iwa said that the relationship was good, even though there had been no special cooperation carried out previously.

    Even the communication with the Latin American country is still considered minimal. Because of that, said Iwa, on this occasion his party presented general data on West Java. It is hoped that there will be new agreements in the fields of economy, education or culture for the progress of each.

    "Thank God, this relationship is quite good, only because of the distance, so it is not possible to cooperate directly. But in the future it can be possible for better cooperation on a larger scale," said Iwa.

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