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    Governor Greeting Nagreg Community when Subuh Congregation


    BANDUNG REGENCY - After a day's work visit in Garut Regency, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil took the morning prayer in congregation with the community at the Al Muhajirin Nagreg Grand Mosque on Saturday (04/27/19).

    Seen dozens of people have packed the mosque and welcomed the Governor who arrived at 04:25 WIB after previously staying in Garut.

    Rows of buses lined up neatly in front of the mosque which is usually used as a place to unwind bus passengers besides worship. The location is right on the edge of the national road. In addition to serving the community, dawn around the congregation is the Governor's routine program that is conducted once a week.

    "At this simple time, I finished my assignment in Garut. I wanted to have morning prayers in congregation on the path to Bandung and Allah SWT predestined him in the Al Muhajirin Mosque," said Emil, the Governor's nickname when giving tausiyah.

    Emil also reminded the public to be grateful for their age, the blessing of Islamic faith and the blessing of nationalities that can still be felt today.

    "We are grateful for our age, because we can still repent and worship," he said.

    According to him, whatever the profession or work makes his intention to worship. Emil said, there were people who were not given the pleasure of Islamic faith and their lives were only looking for world affairs.

    "When the person is hit by a problem, he doesn't have a handle, what happens? Suicide like in a South Korean country," he said.

    Emil also conveyed about preaching which according to some shari'a, the best da'wah is morals. Preaching must not always be carried out by ulama or kiai but. If someone's morality gives a good example, then people will be inspired by our moral example.

    "If our morality exemplifies whether people who have not sympathized with Islam or are far from religion, they will certainly be inspired by our moral example," he said.

    Before resuming the journey to the city of Bandung, Emil handed over money to the DKM of the Al Muhajirin Mosque.

    "Please use it for mosque facilities or anything, I just ask to keep the blessings of Islamic faith, enjoy the nation and state and maintain unity," concluded Emil. (*)

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