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    Governor: Millennial and Generation Z Determined Indonesia Champion


    BANDUNG CITY- Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil believes that the title of Indonesia's third-strongest Indonesia in 2045 is largely determined by millennial and competitive generation Z.

    According to Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, in addition to economic growth above five percent and a conducive political atmosphere, the position of the next generation is very vital.

    The expertise possessed by millennials and generation Z, said Emil, is English language ability or bilingual and mastery of technology.

    "They must be able to communicate in English. Besides that digital expertise must also be a necessity, not an option, "Emil said at the 2019 Young Entrepreneur Festival at the Youth Center Arcamanik Building, Bandung, Saturday (04/27/19).

    As Governor, he claimed to have the responsibility of facilitating so that young people in West Java could compete globally. Among them this year will issue regional regulations on creative economy, build regional creative economic bodies, and build 27 creative center buildings in each region.

    "My job is to prepare a policy so that our younger siblings will become winners in the future. We make a creative building center to learn and develop," he said.

    But there is one more important condition that young people must understand, that the enemy of the nation today is hoax. To deny it Emil requested that the public be accustomed to the culture of literacy.

    "Our enemy today is a hoax, so we practice literacy or tabayyun," he said.

    Emil is optimistic that Indonesia being a superpower will be realized with a great contribution from young people in West Java. "I am sure because West Java children are creative, able to compete and be close to technology," he concluded. (*)

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