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    Governor: Against Hoaks with Silih Asih Asuh


    BANDUNG CITY- Governor Ridwan Kamil stated that West Java has powerful weapons to fight hoax and survive in the information war era.

    The powerful weapon is the Sundanese culture of the ancestors, which if used will form a strong and not easily divided society.

    "Sundanese culture 'my fried hade is basic', 'choose foster care', whatever the problem can be solved by chatting," said the Governor in the Silaturahim Forum Regional Leadership Coordination Forum with CSOs, NGOs, Communities, and Community Leaders, at the Grand Asrilia Hotel, Kota Bandung, Saturday (04/27/19).

    Emil, the familiar nickname of Ridwan Kamil, said that conducivity was a stronghold of unity which became the foundation of the nation. While the current challenges are hoax and information warfare. The misleading dissemination of information, according to him, can affect labor to the regional economy.

    "The taste of conducivity is dead! Prices are expensive! People must be tough in facing information warfare," Emil said.

    Forkopimda meetings with many elements of society discussed the most recent site of West Java after the presidential and legislative elections.

    West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Budi Budioto and Military Commander III / Siliwangi Maj. Gen. Tri Soewandono were present. While from the community elements there were 310 invitations from 28 organizations, 25 NGOs, 15 communities, and 8 community groups / paguron in West Java.

    Emil invites all elements of society to deliver peaceful and cool messages in an effort to create West Java as a conducive province in Indonesia.

    "West Java has a lot of economic opportunities and potential for human or natural resources. So let's create West Java Champion together, also by maintaining conducivity," he said.

    Meanwhile the Military Commander III / Siliwangi Maj. Gen. Tri Soewandono said that the presidential and legislative voting days had passed a long time, so there had been reconciliation from opposite parties.

    "The choice may be different. We all have here a different choice, it is legal. But do not differ in the intention to build West Java," said the Commander.

    "Do not let the Governor of Indonesia have explored a lot of potential in West Java, but there are intriguing situations, eventually the potential fails to develop," he added.

    The Commander continued, community organizations had a noble task. Because the mass organizations are actually formed as a forum for people's aspirations that encourage the government to build according to the expectations of the community.

    Therefore, the conduciveness of a region is a shared responsibility. "NGO mass organizations and so on prioritize a sense of unity.

    While the West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi Maryoto said that the NKRI has the potential to become a great nation, both in terms of strength, economy and other aspects. Even Indonesia can become a superpower country.

    "In 2023 Indonesia has the potential to become the top 10 in the world. The main requirements are political stability, conducivity and security, it is mandatory," he said.

    The Head of West Java Formas Coordinator Hendra Mulyana said that his party was ready to maintain conducivity in West Java. According to him, organizations, NGOs, communities, community / paguron have prioritized coordination, dialogue and public interest.

    "Let us build West Java together, maintain the conducivity. If there are problems in the field so that we can entrust the legal process, or we can by dialogue," he said. (*)

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