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    Deputy Governor Encourages Moslem Entrepreneur to Be Consistent with Sharia Business


    BEKASI CITY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum reminded entrepreneurs who are members of the Association of Muslim Women Entrepreneurs (Alisa) to consistently implement a sharia economic system in their business on all fronts.

    By implementing Islamic economics, according to Uu, Islam will be stronger and more advanced. Islam will walk backwards if its adherents abandon Islamic principles and values.

    The Deputy Governor said when opening the 3rd National Work Meeting of the Association of Muslim Women Entrepreneurs "Khadijah" Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals at Santika Hotel, Bekasi City, Friday (04/26/19).

    "The name Muslim means he must obey, obey the rules of Islam. There is a statement, 'enter into Islam as a whole', including in the economic field," said Uu.

    Uu explained that there are some differences between Islamic and conventional economics. First, Islamic economics values ??money only as a medium of exchange, not as a commodity that can be traded. Second, all efforts in Islam are permitted except those which are prohibited.

    "In Islam not all are prohibited, in an all-liberal liberal economy that is important, there is profit, the socialist economy is all regulated by the state. But if the Islamic economy is mid, it means not too free and not too detained," he explained.

    Also present at the opening of the Rakernas was ICMI Central Chairperson Jimly Asshiddiqie. He explained about ICMI forming Alisa "Khadijah" ICMI as a collection of Muslim businessmen.

    Jimly said, women need to become business icons, as part of jihad in the economic field. Like the wife of the Prophet Muhammad, Siti Khadijah who became a successful female entrepreneur in his day.

    "There must also be women who pursue jihad in the economic field. So we encourage these women to become pioneers to move women to become entrepreneurs," Jimly said.

    For this reason, on this occasion Jimly proposed that Alisa can develop an entrepreneurial school for Muslim women. "We need to make a muslimpreneur. Try to make the concept of the muslimpreneur school," he said.

    Meanwhile, General Chairman Alisa "Khadijah" ICMI Center Ina Marlina in her speech hoped that this Rakernas could produce positive work programs for Alisa.

    Another thing, Ina emphasized that there was a change in the business system carried out by women entrepreneurs who were members of Alisa. According to Ina, Muslim entrepreneurs need to learn and adapt to the industrial era 4.0.

    "So, now everyone must start learning. Must start not only become traders but also become entrepreneurs," Ina said in her speech.

    The Alisa Rakernas held on April 26-28 2019 also held an exhibition or exhibition of UMKM products and seminars. There are 50 booths for food, beverage and fashion products. While the participants of the Rakernas were 16 leaders of the Alisa "Khadijah" ICMI region from various provinces in Indonesia.

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