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    West Java Provincial Government Cooperates with 31 Universities to Accelerate Infrastructure Development


    BANDUNG CITY - A total of 31 leading universities in Indonesia, members of the University Network for Indonesia Infrastructure Development (UNIID), agreed to accelerate infrastructure development in West Java through a scheme of Government and Business Entity Cooperation (PPP).

    The agreement was signed at the 2019 Infrastructure Summit at Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Padjadjaran University, Jalan Dipatiukur, Bandung, Friday (04/26/19). The event was attended by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil and the Indonesian Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani who shared the presentation.

    UNIID led by Universitas Padjajaran (Unpad) will discuss each other and discuss various ideas and input on infrastructure development by academics and intellectuals they have.

    "This is part of pentahelix, which is cooperation with universities to help accelerate West Java's infrastructure development through private funds," said Governor Ridwan Kamil.

    He revealed, this year there were 20 infrastructure projects in West Java which would involve UNIID in its construction. One of the most ready is the Legoknangka Regional Waste Processing and Processing Site (TPPAS) project in Nagreg, Bandung Regency. The construction will also be accompanied by the Ministry of Finance.

    "We have prepared 20 projects, one of which is the most ready Legoknangka and has been facilitated by the Minister of Finance for assistance of around Rp. 20 billion for feasibility studies," said Emil, the Governor's nickname.

    Besides TPPAS Legoknangka, a number of other projects are also being prepared. Most are basic service, transportation, garbage and water projects.

    "Many, there are water SPAM in Cirebon, basically most basic service projects are between transportation, garbage, and water," Emil said.

    The governor asked Unpad to always lead UNIID to direct other universities to contribute to infrastructure development on the Citarum River.

    "I have committed to Unpad to work on a number of strategic projects such as Citarum, and Unpad which coordinates other universities," Emil said.

    In the same place, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani believes that the collaboration and participation of academics will further increase the speed and quality of infrastructure development both in terms of technical and financial aspects.

    "The infrastructure development program will be faster and better quality from all sides such as engineering and financing. I am happy that there are 31 universities that join and this year it will be led by Unpad," said the Minister.

    According to him, PPP is one of the decisive aspects in better infrastructure development. Minister of Finance invites other universities to join UNIID to be involved in the thinking and development process in Indonesia.

    "This is also one of the efforts to continue to increase interest from universities in Indonesia in order to be able to be involved in thinking and the development process," he said. (*)

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