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    Bio Farma was chosen by WHO and UNICEF in the provision of Monovalent Oral Polio Type 2 Vaccine


    BANDUNG - On April 25-26 2019, the UNICEF Team Suppy Division from Copenhagen came to Bio Farma to discuss the collaboration in the procurement of this global stockpiling mOPV2 in the form of 60 million doses or 3 million vials which must be prepared in 2019.

    Sri Harsi Teteki, Marketing Director of Bio Farma and the Export sales team received the delegation from Thursday April 25 to April 26 in Bandung.

    According to Sri Harsi Teteki, in August 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) through the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) has sent an official letter to Bio Farma regarding the demand for 500 million doses of mOPV bulk stock to anticipate the global outbreak of type 2 wild polio virus .

    "Bio Farma responded positively to requests from the GPEI-WHO, and is committed to supporting the WHO-GPEI program namely Global Stockpilling mOPV type 2, to anticipate outbreaks of type 2 wild polio virus globally" said Sri Harsi Teteki, Bio Farma Marketing Director , when receiving a delegation from UNICEF.

    WHO collaborated with UNICEF to realize the global stockpiling of mOPV type 2 through world vaccine producers, and Bio Farma (through a tender mechanism from UNICEF) has been trusted by WHO and UNICEF to be able to provide / retain these products. For the initial stage, Bio Farma was asked to produce and store mOPV-2 products in the form of finished products (final products) of 60 million doses or 3 million vial of mOPV type 2, which must be available from the end of June to August 2019.

    "As the largest vaccine producer in Southeast Asia, we have a big responsibility to support world programs in the global eradication program for Polio. Recently there were 3 countries that experienced outbreaks, namely Nigeria, Congo, and the horn of Africa, namely Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia ”. he said. (Even)

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