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    The Provincial Government Prepares Market Operations in the Month of Ramadan


    BANDUNG - Head of the West Java Province of Industry and Trade Muhammad Arifin Soedjayana said the West Java provincial government allocated a budget of Rp20 billion for the implementation of low-cost operations related to efforts to stabilize the prices of basic necessities during the holy month of Ramadan 2019.

    "Yesterday we had a meeting with Bulog. This was a joint activity with the Bulog Regional Division with the West Java Provincial Government in the framework of cheap market operations this month. The budget allocation prepared for the OP in 2019 is Rp. 20 billion," said Muhammad Arifin Soedjayana. Information or Japri at Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday.

    The implementation of cheap market operations during the holy month of Ramadan by the West Java Provincial Government, said Arifin, has been carried out since 2012 and this year will be carried out simultaneously in 27 districts / cities in the second week of the fasting month.

    "The market operation or OP related to this fasting month has been carried out since eight years ago. First we have done it since 2012 until now, thank God," he said.

    Arifin explained that the Rp20 billion budget for the operation of the low-cost market will be given to 215 thousand poor households or RTM in West Java

    "So the OP will have chicken, beef, cooking oil, sugar, rice and eggs," he said.

    He said that the absorption of low-cost operating budget last year reached 90 percent and his party was optimistic that this year's market operation budget absorption could be higher than last year.

    In addition, he hopes that the cheap market operating budget in 2020 can be added and the implementation is not only related to religious holidays. (Even)

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