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    Indonesian Should Be Confidence to Face the MEA


    BANDUNG - Vice Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly Hidayat Nur Wahid assessed Indonesian people should not have any inferiority complex in the face of a foreign country in a global context.

    "Inferiority is different with humility. Respecting of other nations should not make us inferior to foreigners. It is precisely the presence of MEA should we take in positive way," Hidayat said in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (29 / 3).

    Hidayat added Indonesia from the beginning has global dimensions. This is demonstrated by the inclusion of some ideas from the Middle East brought about by some hero or clerics in Indonesia.

    "For example, Hashim Asyhari and Ahmad Dahlan which carry the idea while performing the Hajj in Saudi Arabia. His experience in the off that is inspired preaching and liberate the homeland from the invaders," said Legislator of PKS of the Jakarta electoral district.

    Therefore, Hidayat asks synergy between government with private sector to be improved. In order, the better quality of education in this country, especially in competing in a global world.

    "Synergy is what will give birth to the added value in our education. Do not walk on their own. We do not want employers simply take advantage of the citizens as migrant workers without interference from the government, especially in the MEA today," explained by the Social Affairs Commission member of House of Representatives.

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