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    To be liked Millennial and Generation Z, Ridwan Kamil Proposes Mangle to Present the Digital Version


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil encouraged Mangle, the oldest Sundanese language magazine in Indonesia, to be present in digital form.

    Adaptation to this digital form to attract the reading interest of millennials and generation Z so that it can become the main reference in recognizing the world of Sundanese literature.

    "How can Sundanese culture be a reference by the millennial generation and generation Z. So my proposal is that there is a digital version of Mangle magazine," Ridwan Kamil said after inaugurating the new Mangle office on Pangkur Street No. 20, Turangga, Bandung on Thursday (25/4 / 19).

    With digital forms, said Emil, the oldest regional language magazine in Indonesia can be read by millennials and generation Z via smartphones and other devices.

    In addition, the presence of the digital version of the Mangle is also to encourage the culture of community literacy which is currently still low. Moreover what he reads is the variety of Sundanese culture which indirectly means preserving culture.

    "Our reading index is still low because Mangle must be popular in millennial and generation Z, and it is also important for teaching Sundanese language and cultural preservation," said the Governor who is familiarly called Emil.

    To help Mangle stay in the midst of increasingly fierce media competition, Emil will issue instructions that all city / regency governments, including their agencies, subscribe to this magazine. The West Java Provincial Government through the Education Office will also try to get this magazine to reach SMA and SMK.

    "I have made it mandatory for schools to subscribe to Mangle as well as to regional heads and agencies so that Mangle continues to survive," he said.

    Mangle's editorial office moved several times before finally settling on Jalan Pangkur in the Turangga area. At the inauguration of the office were present cultural, artists, Sundanese leaders to academics.

    "On behalf of the West Java Provincial Government, I am happy to inaugurate the new Mangle office. Hopefully the Sundanese culture through Mangle magazine can be more sustainable," Emil said.

    Mangle was established in 1957 in Bogor. It was said by the general leader Mangle Uu Rukmana, there were two old language language magazines in Indonesia, namely Mangle and Joyoboyo in East Java.

    "Mangle is the oldest Sundanese language magazine in Indonesia, there are only two magazines that were awarded by the President namely Mangle and Joyoboyo magazine from East Java. But Joyoboyo is only 40 years old, Mangle is 62 years old," Uu said.

    In its journey for decades Mangle experienced ups and downs. Uu said, Mangle had sold circulation for tens of thousands of copies and decreased to 3,000 copies. He believes, Mangle will be able to survive up to the age of one hundred because many get support from various parties.

    "Mangle will not disappear even though the times change because the treasure of the Sundanese culture is the most valuable language, the language is lost, the lost of the people," he said.

    Not only the editorial room, Mangle's new office is also spacious enough to be used for pencak silat, jaipongan, gamelan and tembang exercises.

    "This is not just an editorial office, there is still enough room to be used for pencak silat training, jaipong, gamelan, songs. So this office will be used to also enliven Sundanese culture," said Uu.

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