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    Secretary Invites Millennials and Generation Z Spread Positive Viruses through Social Media


    BANDUNG - West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa invited millennials and generation Z to spread as many positive viruses as possible through various social media platforms so that Pasundan Earth became a better place.

    Iwa said when he explained to 120 millennials and generation Z in the Positive Social Media Gathering at the D’Pavilion Hotel, Bandung, Wednesday (04/24/19). This event is a collaboration between the Government of West Java Province and the Indonesian Ministry of Human Empowerment and Culture (PMK).

    According to Iwa, technological advances have boosted the use of the internet and social media so massively. Based on data from the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) and technopreneur, there are 143.26 million internet users in Indonesia in 2017, or around 54.68 percent of the total population.

    Millennials and generation Z are the largest age group of social media users. Therefore, said Iwa, this event is a solution for millennials to get healthy, constructive digital information and build a good mental attitude.

    "A good mental attitude must be demonstrated by increasing integrity, work ethic, and increasing mutual cooperation," said Iwa.

    Through this gathering, Iwa hopes that the younger generation can be proactive and consistently spread positive content and build through social media. By spreading as many positive viruses as possible, the hoax or hoax can be burned in West Java.

    According to Iwa, the West Java Provincial Government is very concerned about the development of news hoax that is troubling the public. Therefore the Provincial Government in the era of Governor Ridwan Kamil formed a special team called Jabar Saber Hoaks. "What is expected to be able to answer public unrest in the digital era is the widespread spread of unsettling false news," he said.

    With more positive and inspirational news, on the one hand hoax news is increasingly not heard, Iwa hopes that West Java residents will be more intelligent and not to sway misleading opinions.

    "West Java's future direction is to become a smart community to the corners of the village. Who is not clueless about technology in all activities. "Even now, thank God, the bumdes themselves sell digital information technology," said Iwa.

    Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Cultural Coordination of the Indonesian PMK Coordinating Ministry Nyoman Shuida said the millennial generation had tremendous potential. So, the Ministry of PMK took the initiative to invite millennials involved in the field of social media such as scouts, paskibraka, and other communities to be able to transmit positive ways of communicating using social media.

    "It is expected that these participants can transmit positive content by applying values ??in a mental revolution. Also the 120 participants can inspire or transmit positive content that builds positive thinking for the surrounding community, "hoped Nyoman.

    One of the participants, Sofie Aulia Nisa felt that the benefits of the event were truly as a means of literacy in good social media. "Moreover, social media is the largest network for disseminating information and other things. So it's very good with this gathering and hopefully some of us who take part in the gathering can spread other positive things through social media, "he said.

    The participants were given material by competent mentors, each of the Real Actions of Mental Revolution from Ahmad Rumadi, Representative of the National Mental Revolution Task Force; material about Positive Content-Content That Can Become Viral by Facebook's Ryan Raharjo; and Social Media Positive Practices from Alfianto from the West Java Saber Hoaks Team and Janur M. Bagus from the Bandung Community Information Community.

    Then the participants also had the opportunity to visit the Gedung Sate Museum, which was the first museum in West Java to utilize high technology. This field visit aims to introduce the richness of West Javanese culture and encourage the creative economy by utilizing local coffee.

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