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    Provincial Government Expects KPI to Make West Java as Province of Indonesian Tourism


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum opened the 10th Indonesian Tourism Competition (KPI) at the Pendopo Tonny Soewandito Bandung State Polytechnic Campus (Polban) on Gegerkalong Hilir Street, Parongpong, West Bandung Regency, Wednesday (04/24/19 )

    On behalf of the West Java Provincial Government, Deputy Governor Uu expressed his appreciation for the national annual event. According to Uu, KPI can be a driver of acceleration in the vision and mission of West Java Born and Inner Champion through the tourism sector.

    "We appreciate this activity, and it is hoped that this will encourage the vision and mission of West Java Inner Champion, where West Java will become a tourism province in Indonesia," Uu said in his speech.

    According to Uu, West Java has a lot of tourism potential that needs to be developed. For that, the West Java Provincial Government is committed to developing this tourism potential so that it can be a driver of economic strength in the district / city.

    "There are two keys to the success of tourism. The number of tourists who come to the region and the increase in PAD (Regional Revenue) of the area," he said.

    In front of the tourism department students, Uu also stressed the importance of the involvement of millennials so that the world of tourism could progress and develop. Uu believes that millennial is not only the main object or market of the tourism industry but also the subject or industry.

    The Deputy Governor also reminded the important role of the digital technology system as an inseparable part in the development of the current tourism industry. One of them is to introduce or promote the potential of tourism areas through social media platforms.

    "Digital and tourism are a unit that cannot be separated, because each other ties together," said Uu.

    Meanwhile, Director of the Bandung State Polytechnic Rachmad Imbang Tritjahjono assessed that tourism in Indonesia is currently a sleeping economic potential. "If it is built, it will provide extraordinary potential (economy)," said Rachmad.

    Rachmad said, several countries now have taken a portion of their economic power through the tourism sector. An example is Thailand which is proven to be able to rise from the economic crisis through the tourism industry.

    Rachmad hopes that the 10th KPI can become a means of promoting tourism potential in the archipelago. For this reason, he also asked that the results of the competition not only be completed on campus, but could also be submitted to various media, so that the tourism potential possessed could be introduced to the outside world.

    "Our hopes are not only finished on campus, what we have done should we convey through various media, so that the tourism potential in West Java and Indonesia can be introduced," he said.

    This year's 10th KPI takes the theme of the Digital Tourism Transform which means that digital-based tourism is a trend for millennial generations who can play a role in advancing the tourism industry.

    The number of participants in this competition was 813 participants from 56 universities in 15 provinces. They are D-III, D-IV, and S-1 students majoring in tourism.

    In the competition held by the Bandung State Polytechnic Tourism Study Program in collaboration with Telkom University and Stiepar Yapari-Aktripa, 21 competitions were held, 16 special competitions and 5 general competitions over the trophy of the Minister of Tourism since 2016.

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