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    Raising Change in West Java Through Positive Social Media Content


    Bandung (24/04) - Continuing visits to several cities, today the Positive Social Media Gathering initiated by the Ministry of PMK in collaboration with several Ministries / Institutions together with Social Media activists (netizens, bloggers, youtuber, etc.) was held in Bandung, Java West.

    The purpose of this event is to directly implement the values ??that are in the National Mental Revolution Movement program in this matter through the use of good Social Media.

    According to statistical data the number of social media users in Indonesia is around 150 million people, and 16.4 million are in West Java and the city of Bandung is the biggest Facebook user in West Java, then there are cities in Bekasi and Bogor. Bandung was chosen because the city of Bandung has adopted the use of digital technology and information technology in an effort to provide services to the community including digital villages and information technology-based health services.

    "In the past one month, we know that how the effects of social media have a very large role in national events, namely the Election of Pilpres and Pileg. How is the role of social media in herding public opinion, How can the role of social media unite and weaken the community with negative content, with content full of hoaxes, said Deputy Coordinating Minister for Culture, Ministry of PMK, Nyoman Shuida.

    In this regard, the Ministry of PMK took the initiative to invite millennial colleagues who were involved in the field of social media such as Scouts, Paskibraka, and other Communities, which could transmit ways of communicating and using positive social media. "We believe that these friends can also become agents of agents who can transmit better ways of communicating and can voice the values ??of mental revolution in accordance with the direction of the President of Indonesia," Nyoman said when delivering an introduction to the "Positive Gathering of Social Media" discussion in Hotel D ' Pavilion Bandung.

    The gathering was officially opened by the Secretary of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa. In his speech, he conveyed that the West Java Government had presented West Java Saber Hoax which was expected to be able to answer the people's anxiety in the digital age towards the widespread spread of unsettling false news.

    "We hope that the younger generation can participate proactively and consistently in disseminating positive content and building through social media. And it is hoped that it can reduce the proliferation of false news, because our biggest enemy today in the digital era is those who produce digital hoaxes and disturb people, "said Iwa Karniwa.

    Then the participants gained an understanding of the substance of the Real Action of Mental Revolution from Ahmad Rumadi, Representative of the National Mental Revolution Task Force; material about positive content that can be viral by Valdryno, Facebook representative; and positive social media practices from Alfianto from Saber Hoax, West Java and Janur M. Bagus from the Community Information Group (KIM).

    At the end of the event, participants also had the opportunity to field visit the Gedung Sate Museum, the first museum in West Java to utilize high technology to introduce the richness of West Javanese culture and encourage the creative economy by utilizing local coffee. By using the #AyoBerubahJABAR hashtag, it is expected that participants will also share the achievements and continue the good changes seen directly.

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