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    The Online Games Market Is Still Mastered by Foreigners


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil revealed that currently around 90 percent of the Games market share in Indonesia is still controlled by foreign countries.

    For this reason, the West Java government continues to encourage Starup Game Indonesia, especially West Java, to continue to grow to win the Game market, which is currently quite tempting.

    "The game market in Indonesia is 2030 Rp. 40 trillion. Unfortunately 90 percent is still done by foreign companies. So the money is sucked out. With Agate 'and his friends, the money can go back to their homeland, done by children - the nation's children, "Emil said, interrupted by the Open House and the Inauguration of Agate's Head Office Building at Summarecon Bandung, Tuesday (4/23/2019).

    Emil, the Governor of West Java, said that he appreciated Agate International's involvement as a star in game developer in Indonesia. He said, within 3 months, sales reached Rp14 billion.

    "The West Java Provincial Government appreciates Agate to be a pilot in Indonesia. Their work is in 3 months, sales are up to Rp. 14 billion," he said.

    Agate International CEO Arief Widhiyasa said, with Agate's head office 'which is also a studio for local game developers, Indonesia can become a host in its own country.

    "The game share in Indonesia is actually very small. The market is bigger than the film, but unfortunately it is still controlled by foreigners," he said.

    He also said, with the head office as well as a studio, it could collaborate with local game developers with the government and others. Jo

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