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    Governor Opened 17th Provincial Government Sport Week, Civil Servants Have A Prime Body Service Increases


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil officially opened the 17th West Java Provincial Government Sports Week (Porpemprov) at SOR Arcamanik, Tuesday (04/23/19). The provincial government office which was held until April 26, was attended by 2,500 state civil servants (ASN).

    In his remarks, Governor Ridwan Kamil emphasized that ASN must have a prime body so that services to the community will increase. Therefore Porpemprov is the right place to improve health and train the spirit of sportsmanship of the ASNs.

    "This (Porpemprov) is very important for ASN to support work activities serving the community," said Emil, the Governor's nickname.

    Emil said that Jabar's vision is to be an inner born champion, not only in terms of infrastructure but also in spirituality.

    Emil advised, ASN must have three values that must be upheld, namely the fortress of integrity, serving the community with sincerity, and enhancing professionalism.

    "These three values must appear to be physically fit, healthy and strong," he said.

    Porpemprov is one of the West Java Korpri work programs. The aim is to increase inter-ASN friendship and uphold sporitarianism as a noble value that is applied through work activities. ASN West Java has been the overall champion twice at the national level, namely Pornas Korpri in 2013 and 2017.

    If in the upcoming Pornas Korpri in 2021, you can retain the overall champion, then the Presidential Cup will be won. Because of this the 17th Porpemprov event has become an arena for selection of athletes to compete in Pornas Korpri 2021 later in Bangka Belitung.

    "We have to defend the general title for the third time," Emil stressed.

    The 17th sports and exhibitions competed in the Porpemprov are among others, walking, gymnastics, long oaths, billiards, basketball, golf, volleyball, badminton, chess, futsal, table tennis and tennis. (*)

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