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    Socializing PPDB Up to Middle School Level


    BANDUNG - Dissemination regarding the PPDB rules for West Java will be carried out up to junior high school level 9. West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said the effort was made so that the information was on target. Iwa revealed that after joining Rapim with the Governor of West Java and other OPDs at Gedung Sate on Monday (4/22/2019).

    "In addition to through print, electronic and website media, we will disseminate the rules regarding PPDB to the 9th grade junior high school. That is just what we do so that the socialization really reaches the right target," he said.

    Iwa hopes that with such socialization, prospective high school / vocational students can truly understand the rules of PPDB.

    "In addition to students, the parents must also understand, because they are also usually directly involved in the PPDB process," said Iwa.

    Regarding the quota distribution or school capacity, I explained that it would be recalculated in order to create justice for students of vocational high school students.

    "I have asked Kadisdik to re-record the actual capacity of each school, and if the data is certain, it will soon be submitted to the public along with the socialization of the PPDB rules" concluded Iwa. (Even)

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