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    Expanding Market Share, Bio Farma will Deploy in the Retail Market


    BANDUNG (22/4/2019) - Bio Farma through the integrated immunization service of Imunicare, is ready to jump into the retail market in Indonesia. This service was created to expand Bio Farma's market share, which has been divided into domestic sector sales, private sector sales and export sales.

    Imunicare service, which is a service from the Bio Farma immunization clinic that aims to bring people closer to access to get vaccines.

    This was stated by the Director of Bio Farma, M. Rahman Roestan during the Coffee Morning event in Bandung (4/22/2019).

    Bio Farma's plunge into the retail market, along with the expansion of the pharmaceutical business trend, towards the pharmaceutical industry in 2030.

    In the future, the Indonesian pharmaceutical industry will not only move in the field of research and development, production and distribution, but will begin to enter other functions such as prevention through vaccination, diagnosis, treatment, healing and service.

    "In terms of research and development, Bio Farma already has links to collaborating and research collaboration, in terms of production and distribution, Bio Farma is in accordance with the standards of the Health and World Agency (WHO), and now for services, Bio Farma will strengthen it through This integrated vaccination service means that the Indonesian pharmaceutical industry will enter the end to end phase, starting from the independence of raw materials, with the power of research, production, distribution and services, "Rahman said.

    Meanwhile, Marketing Director, Sri Harsi Teteki, said, with this service, the public would get access and solutions to enhance immunity. Of course, with affordable prices and the availability of a complete type of vaccine, as well as guaranteed quality and authenticity of the product.

    "We hope that with this immunicare, the community will find it easier to get access to vaccinations, with excellent service quality at an affordable price," said Sri Harsi Teteki.

    Sri Harsi added, in the future, immunicare will be present throughout Indonesia, whether present as a clinic in a hospital or in an embarkation clinic, given that Imunicare has now become an International Vaccination Service, which can provide meningitis vaccination services for pilgrims and pilgrims. (Even)

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