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    West Java's PPDB rules will soon be socialized


    BANDUNG - The rules on New Student Admission or West Java PPDB will be completed and immediately disseminated. This was stated by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil after holding a leadership meeting (rapim) at Gedung Sate on Monday (4/22/2019).

    "This week I hope that I have been able to be socialized for a month so that people really understand and there are no more misunderstandings," said Kang Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname.

    In essence, in the PPDB regulation, West Java will also contain the 90 rules? domicile to enter high school and vocational school.

    "So, the domicile rules will be 90 percent. We follow the rules from the center but the realization is in accordance with the conditions of each region," he said.

    To the media Emil gave the message that the media make the main resource person in the 2019 West Java PPDB is West Java Secretary.

    "Later all of them will go to the Regional Secretary, because the one who knows the technicality is Mr. Secretary," he explained.

    In the report, according to the Governor, it was also discussed about the plan to provide compensation to the families of KPPS members who died in carrying out their duties in the last election. (Even)

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