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    West Java Provincial Government Donated IDR 50 Million for 49 Death Democracy Heroes


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil handed over Rp50 million in compensation to each family and heirs of the election officials who died during the 2019 Presidential and Legislative Election duties in West Java.

    The Governor was accompanied by Atalia Praratya's wife, Iwa Karniwa Regional Secretary, and Mrs. Deputy Governor Lina Marlina Ruzhanul Ulum, handed over the compensation directly in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Tuesday (04/23/19).

    This is a form of deep sorrow and the highest appreciation from the West Java Provincial Government and the community at large to the heroes of democracy and West Javanese heroes who have struggled to defend Indonesia's ideals.

    Starting from April 10, 2019 until now, the election officials in West Java who died amounted to 49 people. Consisting of 34 KPPS, PPK, PPS and KPU officers, 10 Panwas people, two civil servants, and three security officers from the police. When handing over compensation, Governor Ridwan Kamil was unable to hold back tears.

    "Today we want to give our highest appreciation to the best citizens of West Java who are struggling to defend Indonesia's ideals. We are very sad and express sorrow from the bottom of our hearts," said Ridwan Kamil.

    The election officials who died were spread in a number of areas in West Java. They died while dedicating their time to guarding the election process.

    "The point is they are individuals who dedicate their time to guarding the electoral process. The average death due to fatigue, accidents, illness and age factors," said Emil, the Governor's greeting.

    At present the Election process is still ongoing until May 22, 2019. Emil does not want a similar incident that befell the election officials to occur again in West Java. For this reason, the Governor has ordered the regional secretary to make a governor's circular letter to 27 regents and mayors throughout West Java.

    In the circular, the second level regional heads were required to provide health facilities to election officials.

    "I have instructed the Secretary of Regional Secretary to immediately make a governor's circular letter to 27 regents / mayors throughout West Java to facilitate a medical examination tomorrow," he said.

    The governor is concerned that at present there are officers who are exhausted or sick who are not known by the government or the KPU.

    "Maybe there are those outside who are short of breath, tired and unknown that have anything to do with this election activity. In anticipation, I ask to be facilitated by the regional head of the two levels of health checks and maximized examinations in the local hospital," he explained.

    For the incident, Emil asked all parties to react with a sense of peace and reduce unnecessary expressions.
    "We leave everything because there is a mechanism," he said.

    To the media, Emil also appealed to preach positive, light and joyful things. "This is to balance the psychology of the Indonesian people who might have high tension," Emil said.

    "Suggestions for KPU are also allowed if not repeated with proportional anticipation whether the time span is extended or simultaneously reduced or whatever. This is too expensive because it has to take the victim," he continued.

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